Pedestrians And Drivers Must Learn Everything About Pedestrian Safety

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There have been many news sources reporting that the Highway Traffic Safety agency in New Jersey claims pedestrian safety is an issue in their state. Drivers and pedestrians alike add to the problem by being oblivious of the traffic surrounding them.

Any personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can tell you this: all vehicles must stop and remain in the same spot while there’s a pedestrian walking in a posted crosswalk. Although this is a simple concept, not all drivers really get the message.

The recent accidents involving pedestrians have made it clear to the community that all motorists should acquire a heightened awareness regarding pedestrian safety.

The reports show that this shouldn’t be a one-way agreement. Pedestrians are obligated by law to obey all signs and only cross the street when it’s appropriate to do so.

The law states that all drivers who fail to come to a complete stop whenever pedestrians are walking in a posted crosswalk will face a $200 fine. Pedestrians who fail to obey all signals designed for their safety or are incapable of utilizing the crosswalks must pay a $54 fine.

As a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer, I urge pedestrians to also be extremely aware of the surrounding traffic anytime they are crossing a street.