Batteries Are Investigated After Several Fires were Allegedly Caused by Volt Vehicles

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According to various news sources, an extensive investigation has begun because different reports of fires involving some of the batteries in the Chevrolet Volt vehicles have surfaced. The lithium-ion batteries have been allegedly involved in several fires. A recent crash test run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has exposed the same issue.

After the Government crash test, there’s a particular Volt battery pack that is being monitored by the NHTSA until it’s decided if the battery is safe to be used in the electrical GM vehicles.

The carmaker has stated that the Volt model is a safe car that wouldn’t present any risk to motorists or pedestrians while being operated and utilized normally.

The news reports that the Volt batteries that have presented fire risks are defected items. This shouldn’t be an issue involving every single Volt vehicle but rather a problem related to a low number of damaged lithium-ion batteries.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I sincerely hope that the NHTSA along with GM will find the specific issue regarding the Volt batteries so the company will assess the situation in a timely manner.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles want drivers and pedestrians to be entirely safe. Carmakers should always make safety their priority when designing new vehicle items.