Dog Beach Proposal May Not See the Light of Day

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The project proposing a dog beach to the Santa Monica area has been allegedly denied by the California State Parks, according to local news articles.

Despite all efforts, state officials claimed that a 6-1 vote from the Santa Monica City Council will not be enough to pull this project through. The movement ‘Heal the Bay’ expressed severe concerns about the fecal bacteria that could be deliberately spread in the water because of the presence of dogs in the region.

A meeting was held by the Community and Cultural Services so a memo could be furnished and delivered to the Santa Monica City Council demonstrating the many issues that could be directly linked to the creation of a dog beach.

The Director from the Community and Cultural Services stated that the fear of threatening species in the sensitive ecosystem that the beach is may be the first and most important reason a dog beach should not be allowed to turn into a reality for the city of Santa Monica.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles understand that a dog park could also cause major health risks to the safety of visitors and beach goers.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I hope that the city of Santa Monica will have its residents as well as the environment in mind when making a decision regarding this controversial issue.