Bike-Only Lane is Opened in Downtown LA

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Various news sources have stated that the city of Los Angeles has opened a six-foot-wide emerald green lane entirely dedicated to bikes in downtown. This lane was allegedly open to the public last Monday.

According to the different news articles, the creation of this bike lane is part of a $3.2 million taken from transportation sales tax revenue that is entirely dedicated to bicycle safety improvements.

The reports show that contractor workers spent the whole weekend transforming the 1-1/2 mile lane into a bike-only belt on Spring Street. The mayor has stated that even though Los Angeles was built with cars in mind, bicycles also belong to the streets of the city. Bicycle safety is a major priority for all personal injury lawyers, we hope to see more of these projects being created all over the city.

News sources also state that the city plans to install a very similar bike lane on Main Street as well. Signs are being posted all over the city to remind motorists that bikers share the traffic lanes.

Personal injury lawyers are sadly very familiar with the many accidents related to vehicles and bicycles not being able to share the road.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I believe that this is a great initiative from the city to bring more confidence to bicycle riders from all over the town.