Batteries In Jacket Heater Must Be Recalled, Overheating Hazard

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According to news from the consumer reports this morning, the jacket heater manufactured by Columbia Sportswear comes with rechargeable batteries that may pose overheating threats to consumers. The company has announced that they’re issuing a recall of the defective products that are used to power the internal heaters present in the jackets.

The news have reported that the affected batteries are omni-heat lithium-polymer rechargeable items that were sold along the following products: Omni-Heat Gale Warning Interchange, Omni-Heat Electric Wader Widgeon and Omni-Heat Electric Big Game.

Each item was distributed with two batteries during the period between July and September by many various sporting goods dealers and outdoor activities stores all over the country.

According to the company and the article, one report regarding an overheating Omni-Heat battery was received from the main French distribution center. There haven’t been any other alleged incidents being reported.

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