“WalkSafe” Program Hopes to Educate Individuals to Be Safe During the Winter Time

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According to local news from Wisconsin, the average cost of a United Heartland slip-and-fall claim involving snow and ice can reach $10,500. United Heartland has been looking for a better way to keep individuals from hurting themselves in the year of 2011 and one of the solutions is a program called ‘WalkSafe’, which hopes to educade and prevent possible slip-and-fall accidents.

The winter-safety program has a website where consumers can visit and access the contents filled with valuable information related to winter safety and personal responsibility. The company has covered every subject, from the right footwear to ice and snow removing systems.

This useful reading material hopes to bring light to the importance of being extremely careful in the face of major weather transitions.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, I hold personal responsibility and safety very close to my heart. I hope that everyone that has access to this program will be able to follow through with safety procedures. Being safe and staying safe in any circumstance is everybody’s duty.

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