Students From a Child Care Center Learn about Fire Safety

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Fire safety has often been a neglected subject. According to a recent news article, children at the Turtlefuns child care center are getting familiar with fire safety regardless of how overlooked this subject may be.

The news says that a fire truck from Woburn Fire went to the center for a visit. Kids toured the truck and learned about every piece of equipment it holds. Medical supplies, huge cutting tools, hoses and everything else that is part of a fire truck was exposed to the child care center goers.

Some of the values children were taught during the visit are extremely important. They create trust between child and firefighter and that might save their lives in an eventual accident. Among other things, children learned about fire alarms, the necessity of leaving the building in flames when the time has come and the fact that they should trust a firefighter in the case of an emergency.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and a parent, I hope that more fire safety education can be taken to all children and young teenagers all over the country.

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