Climbers Must Be Aware of Joss Rock Climbing Cams, Product Is Being Recalled

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According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, units of the Joss Rock Climbing Cam must be recalled due to a possible failure in maintaining the climber supported while attempting to secure the product in the crack of a rock. This device has fallen unexpectedly after being set, the article assures. There was an incident reported in Europe but nothing was reported from the United States.

According to the manufacturer, Joss Cam in a mechanical device that is operated by a certain trigger that draws the aluminum lobes back. A well-functioning device should be able to stay secure in the crack of a rock after the climber places it in the right position, the recalled product on the other hand, allegedly is incapable of staying put.

The USCPSC announced that 1,280 items will be recalled and that all consumers who happen to have purchased this item must contact the manufacturer right away. The company claims they will refund the consumer right away. The “Cassin” logo can be seen printed on a tag directly attached to the strap in the recalled Joss Rock Climbing Cam.

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