Bus Driver Texts While Driving, Caught On Camera

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According to recent news articles, a woman from San Luis Obispo was allegedly appalled after riding a bus in which the driver was simply texting while driving throughout the passenger’s entire trip from San Luis Obispo to San Jose.

The various news outlets have showed that the passenger took pictures of the occurring so this issue could be exposed to all. The anonymous source of pictures and story claims that she did what she did so something could be done about such reckless behavior.

National Amtrak asked for the photos of the driver so further investigations can be completed. According to the company, this behavior is not common; as a matter of fact it is illegal.

Sources from both Santa Maria’s city and San Luis Obispo’s bus services claim that texting and driving is intolerable. They go even further by saying that bus drivers are not even allowed to talk to passengers during the trips, let alone talk on the phone.

As a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer I hope that no other passenger will witness any more of this example of distracted driving. A personal Injury lawyer understands that safety comes first and that such an irresponsible driver shouldn’t be responsible for the safety of hundreds of people every day.