Fire Risk Forces Apple to Issue a Recall For First-generation iPod Nano

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As it has been highly cited by various news sources lately, the first-generation iPod nano, released between September 2005 and December 2006, had to be recalled after the company noticed that the product could overheat in many cases and sometimes even turn into a fire hazard.

The reports released by Apple show that the problem is a battery malfunction. Overheating has been observed and when that occurs, the unit can be damaged entirely while posing as a health hazard to unaware users.

The company has prepared an online page where you can search the serial number for your iPod nano to check if the object you own is being recalled or not. Apple assures users that the malfunction has to do with a specific battery manufacturer, with a long time of usage, the fire risks increases.

According to Apple, no other iPods use the same failed battery.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I urge all first-generation iPod nano users to do exactly like the brand has advised: check the iPod’s serial number and look it up in their website, in case your item is on the list, contact the company and your replacement should come in the mail shortly.

Personal injury lawyers are always ready to assist you in any case related to defected products from brands that haven’t taken responsibility for the issues they encounter in their products.