Special Program Will Focus On Combatting Traffic Deaths

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According to the morning news, the San Rafael Police Department has received a grant for a new program to promote traffic safety that is planned to last a whole year. The project aims at keeping injuries and deaths related to traffic from happening in the future.

The Office of Traffic Safety known as OTS awarded the San Rafael Police the amount of $129,992 after the city has proved to put all their efforts into quality of life and traffic safety measures.

This grant is just to show the department that all efforts aren’t being in vain and that the commitment to maintaining the roads safe through education and enforcement is going strong.

According to reports from the authorities, the number of fatalities related to traffic has lowered in California. Officials say that although DUI deaths have declined considerably, they remain the largest cause behind traffic deaths.

The activities the awarded grant will target are on motorcycle safety, red light running, speeding, drivers with revoked/suspended licenses and DUI offenders. The Police will offer DUI checkpoints and operations with special enforcement.

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