Fire may have been Caused by Electric Car Charger

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According to different news sources, a recent fire investigation has put an electric car charger in the spotlight. A home that was set on fire had a unit for charging electric vehicles that was allegedly being used at the time of the fire.

Authorities and Insurance agents are looking into what could possibly have caused the accident. At this precise moment, personal Injury lawyers could assist the family that has lost over $800,000 due to the damages of the property after the fire.

Fire investigators are allegedly meeting with representatives from the energy companies and GM officials. According to the reports found in the news article, two people suffered minor injuries after they helped the residents of the damaged house to leave their property in safety.

As of now not a lot can me said about the accident, we must wait for further investigations before being entirely certain of what may have caused the accident.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I hope that the two injured neighbors are in a great condition and sincerely hope that the residents will be guided by their lawyers so their damages can be repaired and their lives mended back after such harsh tragedy.