Texting-while-driving Ban Approved in Pennsylvania

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According to various news sources there is a bill that was introduced sometime four years ago that suggested the ban of texting-while-driving. The much discussed bill has been allegedly approved by the legislature this week with an overwhelming approving rate among both parties in the House of Representatives and state Senate.

The bill states that texting-while-driving will be considered a primary offense and it means that the police can stop any driver who is texting while on the wheel. The fine is reported to be $50.

Safety concerns over the rising number of accidents related to texting-while-driving have brought politicians together with the effort of making roads safe by diminishing the possibility of distracted driving. According to the many news sources covering the initiative, this new law should make the roads safer.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer and a parent, I understand that the high number of crashes related to distracted driving are revolting and alarming.

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