Voluntary Recall issued for Soy Protein Burgers containing Milk

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The soy patty burgers company Gardenburger, LLC along with the FDA have issued an allergy alert and voluntary recall on October 28 for their soy protein burgers sold in many different stores Nationwide. The recall has taken place due an unlisted ingredient in their product labels. As stated by their report, milk was noted to be part of the ingredients in the soy burgers with the lot codes NOV 17 12 WT A and NOV 17 12 WT B.

The voluntary recall was issued because a great number of lactose intolerant consumers are known to enjoy the soy protein burgers. Life-threatening allergic reactions may be observed in the case an allergic person consumes this product without previous warning.

The company has also declared that no other product made by Gardenburger, LLC are involved in this voluntary recall. The company has stated that if you have purchased this item prior to the recall, you must return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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