Precautionary Recall of Lean Cuisine, no Injuries Reported

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According to reports from the FDA website, there was an allegedly voluntary recall of a limited quantity of the LEAN CUISINE® Dinnertime Selects™ Chicken Fettuccini with the code 13800-14880 on its label by its manufacturer, Nestlé early in October.

The recall took place because some of the products have been mixed up with the lemon garlic shrimp variety. Consumers have allegedly noticed that they would buy a product labeled as chicken fettuccini but instead would get shrimp, which could have led many allergic reactions to unobservant consumers who might suffer from allergies to shellfish. Although the mistake could have had disastrous consequences to possible upset consumers, there were no reports linking the issue with any injury or allergic reactions.

The report from the FDA states that Nestlé’s commitment to consumer’s safety is a priority to their company. As soon as the mistake was detected, authorities were reported so the company could work closely with them for better results.

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