Possible Bacterial Contamination behind Nostrilla Recall

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The FDA along with the Insight Pharmaceuticals, LLC have issued a recall for the Nostrilla Nasal Decongestant due an alleged Bacterial Contamination. News reports from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration show that consumers who purchased “Nostrilla Decongestant” from the 11G075 lot should return the product immediately. The product has been distributed Nationwide and there isn’t an estimation regarding the number of alleged contaminated items sold across the country.

Reports show that the drug may contain a bacterium known as Burkholderia cepacia, which causes serious infection in individuals who suffer from a chronic lung condition or a compromised immune system. The product is sold in a plastic bottle and shows an expiration date of 05/2014 on the side. If a consumer has any report regarding a side effect after having used this drug, contact a physician right away. All side effects must also be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I urge you to stay alert when utilizing any pharmaceutical drug for contamination. In the case you’re ever put at risk because of a contaminated sample, don’t hesitate in contacting a product liability lawyer or a personal injury attorney so your case can be handled by an experienced team.