Pipeline Safety Measures Blocked By Senator

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According to news sources, a sole senator has blocked federal legislation to regulate pipeline safety, an issue the pipeline industry itself supports.

The federal government has zoned in on pipeline safety after several incidents of explosions. PG&E had a significant explosion is San Bruno, California in 2010, and the accident raised issues over how records are kept and how repairs are determined.

Many organizations are in support of new safety measures for pipelines, including the American Gas Association, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, and the Association of Oil Pipelines.

The bill to increase pipeline safety was supposed to go before the senator bench for voting, but was blocked by a Republican Senator.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I really hope that the federal government is able to reach conclusions about what needs to be done in order to ensure pipeline safety. As a wrongful death attorney, I know that acting quickly may save more lives and prevent more workers and citizens from being injured in a pipeline explosion. It is my hope that accidents and death in the workplace will continue to decrease as more bills like this are brought to the attention of the government.