Baby Sling Blamed for Infant’s Death

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A baby sling, used to hold a baby around a parents chest in a hands-free fashion, has been blamed in the suffocation of a two-day-old baby, according to recent news sources.

Authorities on the issue have warned that parent need continued warnings about how to properly wear the slings.

“Infants may be placed in a position where there is excessive flexion of the neck or obstruction of the mouth and nose that may cause suffocation.The soft and rounded sleeping surfaces may promote a potentially dangerous posture that impedes normal respiration. Constant monitoring of infants in slings is advised to ensure the infant’s head is facing outwards, with no covering of the face. “

Sixteen deaths have been related to the device’s use in the United States and Canada, which caused a limit to be placed on age use. The devices are not recommended for children under four months old.

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