Gluten-Free Products Under Stricter Regulation

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The Food and Drug Administration is considering adopting stricter standards for foods that can be labeled “gluten-free”, according to news sources.

The agency has proposed that foods with the “gluten-free” label cannot contain more than 20 parts per million or more gluten. The issue was last looked at in 2007.

The FDA has decided to reevaluate the definition because advances in technology allow for easier validation of gluten levels present in food. They would like to consider opinions and experiences from consumers and the food industry in order to make a decision, and will be open to comments on the issue for the rest of the month.

Among those affected by such decisions are those with celiac disease, which damages the small intestine and blocks absorption of nutrients. Gluten is intolerable by those with celiac disease.

The battle to help Americans make better food choices is ongoing. As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I believe that food labels should clearly define the food contents in order for consumers to make the best choices for their personal health. As a product liability law office, our main concern is consumer safety.