Safety Tips for Driving After a Hurricane (Part 2)

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In the wake of Hurricane Irene, safety experts recommend that people proceed cautiously as they venture out after a hurricane.

Being a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I know how important it is to exercise caution when driving after a storm. Here are some important driving safety tips to keep in mind after inclement weather:

Road debris may be more than leaves and sticks: Although a lot of plant matter litters the road after a storm, high winds may have blown things like nails and other tire-damaging objects on to the road, increasing the chance of a flat tire. Be sure to carry an emergency kit and cell phone.

Avoid driving under fallen trees: Often trees that have been blown over during the storm come to rest across power lines. Leaning trees may look safe, but there’s a chance they may fall without notice. Also, power lines may have electricity flowing through them, so even if you manage to avoid driving over a downed line, a wind gust could bring the wire into contact with your car.

Drive defensively, courteously: Everyone in the hurricane zone has just gone through a stressful time, and there’s no way of knowing what obstacles you may encounter on the road (non-functioning traffic lights, distracted drivers. Be patient, kind, predictable and follow traffic laws.

Look out for pedestrians: Many people will be walking around their neighborhood to inspect damage, check on neighbors, or to simply get exercise. Because there may be debris on the sidewalks and fewer vehicles on the road than normal, pedestrians may be more likely to be walking in the roadway.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I have witnessed people rebuilding their lives after loss. My heartfelt support goes out to those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.