AT&T Launches App to Combat Texting-While-Driving

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AT&T has unveiled its DriveMode app, a mobile application designed to curb texting while driving as part of the company’s “It Can Wait” campaign, report news sources.

Once downloaded and activated, DriveMode automatically sends a reply to incoming text messages letting senders know that the phone’s user is driving and unavailable to respond. The message is customizable, and the app can also be set up to disable emails, Web browsing, and both incoming and outgoing calls. The U.S. Department of Transportation lists texting as one of many driving distractions including reading, using a cell phone, talking to passengers and grooming.

The new safety app is currently available for BlackBerry devices and AT&T expect that the program will be available for other devices in the months ahead. Last year, the communications giant presented the 10-minute documentary film “The Last Text,” which includes stories of people impacted by texting-while-driving incidents.

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