Papayas Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella Risk

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According to news reports, Agromod Produce Inc, of McAllen, TX, announced the recall of papayas imported from Mexico due to the possibility that they may be contaminated with salmonella.

The company said that the Blondie, Yaya, Mananita and Tastylicious brand papayas that were sold before July 23 are potentially linked to 97 reported cases of salmonella exposure across 23 states. Of those 97 cases, 10 included hospitalization.

Agromod Produce has posted an advisory on the Food and Drug Administration’s website that states the recall was being performed with the knowledge of the FDA. Agromod Produce said that the FDA discovered salmonella in two papaya samples from their facility and in papayas ceased at the border, which were on their way to the facility.

The fresh, whole papayas were distributed throughout the nation as well as Canada. The FDA has halted the distribution of papayas from Mexico to accommodate an investigation.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I hope that no one reading this has been affected by this recall.