Lawsuit Highlights AEG Live's Role in Michael Jackson's Death

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A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court by Brian Panish on behalf of Michael Jackson’s surviving family.  The claim alleges that concert promoter AEG Live should be held liable for their role in the singer’s death.

Although Dr. Conrad Murray is at the center of criminal proceedings, the civil suit will attempt to show that his actions came at the behest of AEG.  It has been alleged that the company hired Dr. Murray yet failed to provide him with vital medical equipment.

The suit further claims that, after the CEO of AEG arrived at Mr Jackson’s home on June 19, 2009, Mr. Murray was directed to do whatever was necessary to ensure the singer made it to his rehearsals.  If he were to miss anymore such rehearsals, they threatened to cancel the concert series.

Visible symptoms of discomfort and disorientation during rehearsals did not prompt AEG to relent in their demands.