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Strangulation Hazard Forces Recall of Girls’ Winter Jackets

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 8, 2012

Another children’s clothing item is being recalled for a failure to comply with Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines regarding drawstrings.

This time, the product in question is a Girls’ Winter Jacket sold across the country exclusively at dd’s Discounts stores.  About 2,300 jackets are affected by this recall.  Each of the jackets was produced in China but imported by the Los Angeles-based LA Fashion Hub, the company that issued the recall.

The CPSC’s mandatory guidelines regarding drawstring usage in children’s wear debuted in July 2011, a departure from the merely voluntary standard that had heretofore been used since 1997.  In violation of these new guidelines, the clothing items in question have a drawstring that could potentially strangle the young user, and thus the recall was announced.  No injuries have been reported at this time.

The jackets come in pink, yellow, red or turquoise, and have a design of a flower or a heart on the front.  They were available from dd’s between January of last year and January of this year.  The items cost around $10.  Consumers should take the drawstring out and return the clothing for a refund.

As a side note, this is but one of three recalls affecting jackets sold at dd’s.  All are being recalled for similar reasons.  The other items are YMI girls’ hooded sweatshirts and Goddess girls’ hooded sweatshirts.

I’m disappointed as a Ventura personal injury lawyer to see a potentially dangerous product make its way onto store shelves.  I encourage everyone to follow this recall and the other ones I’ve just mentioned in order to keep their children safe.  Consider it a favor to a personal injury attorney in Fresno.

FDA Proud of Post Approval Drug Safety Enforcement Efforts

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 23, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration is touting its ability to police drugs even after they’ve been approved.

On Saturday, the organization said that the same amount of resources are spent making sure that existing drugs are safe as are spent in the pre-approval stage of a drug’s life.  The statement came following critics’ remarks that the FDA isn’t protecting consumers from drugs already on the market.  The FDA has said that 385 post-market studies have been launched since 2008, and in that time, the studies have forced companies to change their product’s labels in 65 instances.

Until 2008, drug makers only had to voluntarily institute label changes if requested by the FDA.  But there was a change in tide when Congress gave the FDA the ability to institute fines and order label changes on drugs that had already been brought to market.  These new powers came two years after the Institute of Medicine released a report suggesting that the FDA could do more to promote product safety post-approval.

2008 was also the year that the FDA launched a program called Sentinel.  This program uses computers to track side effects through a number of databases, discovering problems without having to rely on a patient or a company making a report.

As a personal injury attorney in Riverside, I’m glad to see more efforts being made to keep consumers safe from already existing products.  It’s always possible that time can prove an item to be unhealthy.  New drugs can certainly be hazardous, but as a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I know that existing products can also pose a threat in certain circumstances.

Trucking Mentors Program Educates Teens on Big Rig Safety

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 20, 2012

A non-profit organization dedicated to educating children about trucker safety is expanding its purview.

Trucker Buddy International has announced a program wherein truckers will be paired up with high schools in an effort to teach students at those high schools the importance of big rig safety.  This program is going to be called Trucking Mentors.

This is the latest step by Trucker Buddy to positively impact safety along the highway and build a positive image of commercial drivers. The original Trucker Buddy program paired truckers with schools that taught children in the Kindergarten to eighth grade range.  These truckers would be carefully screened and then allowed to regularly communicate with classrooms so that the kids could see what a trucker’s life is like.

This new program aims to take that one step further.  Truckers that volunteer in the program can visit the high school they get paired with a couple times a year to talk about how to properly navigate the highway when in the vicinity of a big rig truck.  A spokesperson for Trucker Buddy emphasized the need for teens who are in the process of getting their license to understand the responsibilities inherent in driving a vehicle.

I’m glad to see these kinds of programs as a car accident attorney in Ventura.  It’s crucial that those driving for the first time learn about all possible aspects of highway safety.  As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I truly believe that education goes a long way toward preventing vehicular accidents.

17,000 Scuba Hoses Recalled Due to Drowning Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 19, 2012

Santa Ana-based importer and distributor XS Scuba has announced a recall of 17,000 high pressure scuba diving hoses produced by an Italian company called Miflex 2.  The recall affects units that came in three different types of package:  as part of a rebreather kit, a two-gauge console, and with a deluxe cylinder equalizer.  All hoses will have MFX stamped on the metal at the end of the hose.

The item is used to keep tabs on cylinder pressure so as to maintain a steady air supply.  The defect involves a possible rupture that compromises the flow of air to the submerged diver.  This creates a drowning hazard.  There have already been a somewhat staggering 189 reports of this defect occurring, but luckily there have yet to be any injuries reported.

The hoses were available from May 2009 to just this month at a number of scuba retailers across the country.  They sold for between $44 and $60.  Consumers are being advised not to dive with the hoses, but to instead contact Scuba XS about getting the unit replaced.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I’m used to reading about recalls, but not many of them pose a drowning hazard.  I guess that’s what you get though when you’re dealing with a system used during scuba diving.  It’s my wish as a Fresno personal injury attorney that the thousands of persons who own this equipment are able to promptly return the item.

Undeclared Milk Prompts Star Light Coconut Candy Recall

By PSB Admin on April 17, 2012

A product that was made in Vietnam, Star Light Coconut Candy Keo Dua, was found to contain undeclared milk upon investigation by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Food Inspectors.  This was followed by a study by officials with Food Laboratories that confirmed the milk’s presence. Because this undeclared milk could lead to life-threatening allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to milk products, the candy has been recalled.  There have been no reported reactions at this time.

The coconut candy was produced by a company called the Fung Shing International Corporation, which operates out of Maspeth, New York.  The recall is limited to the states of Ohio and New York, as those were the only places where the candy was available for purchase.  The candy was packaged in a seven ounce plastic dish and has a UPC code of 8936015503088.

All owners are being asked to return the products from where they were originally purchased.  It’s unclear from the recall announcement if a refund will be given to affected consumers or if some sort of exchange will be made.

Here we are again, with another label that has incorrect information.  I know firsthand as a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino how potentially dangerous a mislabeled item could be for the consumer.  Being a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I sincerely hope that the company can fix the issue and that there’s no risk of a labeling error or any other kind of hazard in the future.

Over 300,000 Office Depot Chairs Recalled Over Fall Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 5, 2012

First there were two recalls concerning bike products, and now a second recall about a chair in one day?

Sad but true.  A Boca Raton, Florida-based company known as Swinton Avenue Trading has announced a recall of their Office Depot Brand Biella Leather Desk Chairs.  Swinton Avenue was responsible for importing the item, but it was a Chinese company known as Wonderful Year Inc. that actually manufactured it.

The issue has to do with a weld that keeps the seat plate connected to the gas lift.  This component can fail, and if that happens, the chair will detach from the base and is liable to fall while the users sits atop it.  Already, Office Depot has received 11 reports of just such a fall, with a few people needing medical treatment for abrasions.

A whopping 307,000 units are affected by this recall in the United States, with an additional 12,000 in Canada.  The recalled items have an SKU of 130458.  They were available at Office Depots across the country as well as their online store between January 2002 and December 2008.  They retailed for $55.

Office Depot is offering affected consumers a $55 gift card.  People are advised to stop using the chairs at once.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I don’t think consumers should have to stand for a broken seat.  We deserve higher quality products, and I’m sad to see mundane items endanger our safety.  I hope as a Long Beach personal injury attorney that consumers don’t take this sitting down.

FDA Partners with ISMP To Prevent Medication Errors

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 2, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration is partnering with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in an attempt to prevent costly and dangerous medication errors that could negatively impact consumers.

Medication errors can encompass any number of accidents, be it a mistake in labeling, a miscommunication, or a prescription mixup.  Typical cases can include a physician not having a proper patient history that includes all known allergens when prescribing meds, lookalike packaging that pharmacists have trouble correctly identifying, and poor methods of communication between a physician and a pharmacy that can contribute to a hazard.

One of the most notable functions that this new partnership can provide is the ability to disperse the appropriate information to relevant parties in the event of a medication error.  The ISMP, through its websites and newsletters, will be able to alert healthcare professionals should the FDA find an issue with a certain medicine or device.

By the same token, any issues that are brought to the ISMP’s attention through its various affiliates and Medication Errors Reporting Program can now be shared with the FDA through its Medwatch system. This system reports information on potential problems with medicine and medical devices, and ISMP can hopefully expand Medwatch’s breadth.

Such sharing can help the agencies spread awareness and determine the cause of a hazard to make sure it does not happen again.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I’m glad to see steps taken to improve communication and safety.  Not everyone pays as close of attention to healthcare news as a Riverside personal injury attorney, and partnerships like this can help correct that.

Big Movers Toy Truck Recalled Over Potential Fire Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 30, 2012

I have word of yet another recall leading into the weekend.

This particular recall was announced by Happy Shirts, a Honolulu-based company.  That company has a line of t-shirts that were sold at Kohl’s, but it’s not the shirt that poses a safety risk.  The safety hazard actually comes from a toy truck gift that was given away with the purchase of a shirt, and it’s that gift that is being recalled.

The toys are specifically called Big Movers Super Car toy trucks.  They are blue, four inches long, and they were handed out to consumers who purchased Big Movers boys navy t-shirts from Kohl’s stores and on the web.

The issue comes into play when users put a battery into the truck.  The battery compartment connections have a propensity to smolder, creating the risk of a fire and burn hazard.  Users have been advised to take the toy away from children and take the battery away from the toy.  Happy Shirts is standing by to receive word from customers, who can call to receive refund instructions.

9,000 units are affected, and already four reports have arisen of the aforementioned hazard, one that involved a full-on fire.  Thankfully, no injuries have yet occurred.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I think that all safety defects are tragic, but those that affect children are especially so.  I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that no one gets burned by this defect.

Choking Hazard Prompts Feels Real Baby Doll Recall

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 29, 2012

Another children’s product to add to an ever-growing list of defective products shipped from China.

This particular recall concerns Carson-based importer Lakeshore Learning Materials’s Feels Real Baby Dolls.  Around 4,300 dolls are affected by the announcement throughout North America, with a majority of the units residing in the United States.

The issue has to do with the dolls’ finger and toe appendages, which can detach from the dolls.  This would entail a choking hazard for the children playing with the item.  Thankfully there have been no injuries reported in conjunction with this recall.

The dolls in question are 14 inches high and come in a variety of ethnicities.  They wear diapers that contain a label that says “Lakeshore” and “550200.”  They were available through Lakeshore’s catalogues and website.  Retailing for about $20, the items were sold between May 2011 and January of this year.

Consumers have been advised to take the dolls out of children’s reach and contact the company in order to obtain a replacement item.

As a personal injury lawyer in Fresno, I find all recalls to be disappointing, but I’m particularly disheartened when it comes to recalled children’s products.  Kids aren’t expected to worry about safety hazards the way an adult might, and I would hope that manufacturers take particular care to make sure that products for children are safe.  Alas, situations like this seem far too common to this Ventura personal injury lawyer.

DePuy Sold Remaining Hip Implant Inventory Before Issuing Recall

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 28, 2012

More information continues to come out regarding the DePuy ASR hip implant and the problems associated with the device that led to a recall.

It was reported that, in 2009, the Food and Drug Administration sent DePuy a letter denying approval of one version of the hip implant device that was currently available in other parts of the world. Their denial was the result of reports from those countries that suggested the DePuy implant did not perform as adequately as DePuy’s data would have officials believe. They also pointed to tests which showed patients experiencing high levels of metal ions in the blood.

Then, weeks after the letter was released, Johnson & Johnson, DePuy’s parent company, decided to phase out the implants and sell off the remaining inventory for use in patients. This was done instead of an immediate recall, which wasn’t issued until August 2010, a year after the aforementioned letter.

DePuy claims that they phased out the product because of diminishing sales figures, not because of safety. What’s shocking to note is that the device approved for use in the United States in 2005, which was based on the same component as the item the letter concerns, actually has a higher failure rate than the unapproved device.

This truly saddens me as a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. It’s one thing for a mistake to be made, but quite another for evidence to pop up which seems to correlate with behavior that endangers more lives. If wrongdoing is eventually proven, it’s my opinion as a Ventura personal injury lawyer that all victims receive just compensation for their pain.

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