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Study Says Texting is Dangerous No Matter the Phone’s Position

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 30, 2012

For those still not sure that the act of texting while driving is dangerous, here’s one more study that seeks to convince you.

Under the banner of a project known as Generation tXt, students, under the guidance of University of Oklahoma School of Medicine faculty, looked at the driving habits of thirty students between the ages of 15 and 19.  These participants were then tasked with submitting to a driving simulator in three scenarios:  while not on a phone, while the phone was held down low as if to hide the device from police, and with the phone held in a position of their own choosing.

What researchers discovered was that neither position that the phone was held in would increase driving ability over the other position.  Both placements severely impeded the ability of the teenagers to drive the vehicle properly.

The study debuted its results at an annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies on Sunday.  The research was conducted in order to respond to those persons who say that anti-texting laws are forcing teenagers and other drivers to hide their phones in a way that makes it more difficult to drive.

I know how important studies like this are as a car accident lawyer in Ventura.  I’ve long suspected that it doesn’t matter where a phone is held; what matters is that, in texting, your mind isn’t on the road ahead.  I hope as a Ventura personal injury attorney that people can now begin to address the real problem.

Portland Shellfish Shut Down by FDA For Safety Breaches

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 11, 2012

Another plant is being shut down by the Food and Drug Administration until they can correct numerous safety flaws.

This time, the factory in question is a seafood processing plant in Portland, Maine.  The aptly named Portland Shellfish company based out of that city was shut down by the FDA because the company has exhibited a number of violations of various safety and health regulations and laws at the federal level.

The company will not be able to reopen for business until they demonstrate to the FDA that they have addressed their concerns.  Doing so would entail the safety procedures and plans in place being updated to ensure that their seafood is fit for consumption.

The letter that the FDA sent to the company points to how, in February, a shrimp conveyor belt tested positive for the bacteria known as listeria, which can cause listeriosis.

In addition to the plant shutdown, Portland is required to recall and destroy an estimated $25,000 in shrimp and lobster.  The president of the company believes the FDA is going too far with its punishment.

This isn’t the first time a shutdown of Portland Shellfish has happened.  A similar production halt was administered by the FDA in January 2011.

As a personal injury lawyer in San Bernardino, I’m still shocked by how many companies fail to follow important safety procedures.  It’s my hope that this company gets its safety issues worked out, and I hope as a Ventura personal injury attorney that no one suffers an illness due to this or any other contamination.

Doctor Claims Riata Heart Implant Had Deadly Defect

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 10, 2012

A battle is shaping up between the makers of a medical device and a doctor who is saying that a defect in the device directly contributed to the death of more than 20 people.

In the March issue of the Heart Rhythm Journal, a medical journal, a doctor has written a report about St. Jude Medical Inc.’s Riata heart implant device.  The findings published do not speak well of the product.  Specifically, the report discusses a defect in the insulation that led to certain high voltage components short circuiting and triggering a failure of the device itself.

In 2011, the Riata and Riata ST leads for implantable cardioverter defibrillators were recalled.  Now, though, the company that makes those devices, St. Jude’s, has asked that the new study be withdrawn from the print publication of the aforementioned magazine.  They are claiming that the defect has been resolved, saying that no wiring problems exist at the moment.  They point to their efforts to put additional coating on the wiring.  According to St. Jude’s, this technique has solved any problems that may have taken place.

As a San Jose personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen a number of medical devices get recalled because of a defect that compromises the stability of the item and the safety of the individual.  This is certainly one story I will be paying close attention to as a Ventura personal injury attorney.

TWI Foods Crispy Cookies and Rusk Recalled Over Allergens

By PSB Admin on April 9, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration has advised consumers to stop eating Crispy Cookies and Rusk produced by TWI Foods of Ontario, Canada.  Both the cookies and the rusk, which is described as a crispy type of bread,  may contain eight common allergens, including milk and almonds.  The label on the product does not list these allergens.  As such, a recall has been announced.

Consumers with milk and almond allergies should stop consuming the product, as ingesting the item might cause a severe reaction that could lead to serious injury or even death.  Less severe reactions could include hives, vomiting, swelling, loss of blood pressure, and respiratory difficulties.  Buyers are urged to contact their health care provider if experiencing any reaction.

The specific cookies included within the purview of this recall are pistachio, almond, and coconut.  The rusk was of the almond cake variety.  Although the items were produced in Canada, they were nevertheless distributed throughout 15 different states in America, including California.

Thankfully, there haven’t been any illnesses reported in conjunction with this recall.

As a San Francisco personal injury lawyer, it seems like every day sees a recall because of an improperly labeled product.  Such labeling undermines a consumer’s ability to keep themselves healthy, and it’s my hope as a Ventura personal injury attorney that such issues do not arise very often, if at all.

New Orleans man launches local Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 5, 2012

A Louisiana resident, seeking a way to reduce the number of his friends injured motorcycle collisions, founded a New Orleans chapter of the Motorcycle Awareness Campaign in 2008.

The man, who has been riding motorcycles for more than 35 years, founded the New Orleans chapter in an effort to increase motorcycle safety awareness. The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign organizes events at community festivals and crime prevention programs. Typical events include: parties, Motorcycle Awareness Night at NBA basketball and minor league baseball games, an escorted motorcycle parade, a motorcycle ride to the state Capitol. The campaign also places bulletin boards along the roads and passes out hand fans, informational brochures, yard signs, and ink pens to create a greater consciousness of motorcycle safety issues.

The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign has more than 2,000 members, and the New Orleans chapter has more than 100 members.

The campaign encourages drivers to keep a look out for motorcycles on the highway. Motorcycles are less visible than automobiles, and drivers are increasingly distracted by technology such as cell phones. Therefore, motorcyclists should avoid motorist’s blind spots and refrain from operating a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

As a Ventura car accident attorney, I want the roads to become safer for motorcyclists and drivers alike, but if you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle or automobile collision, please consider contacting a Ventura personal injury attorney.

ECHO Recalling Backpack Blowers

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on February 27, 2012

According to news sources, a recall is being issued by ECHO for its Gas Powered Backpack Blowers after it was discovered that an assembly line mistake could have potentially caused damage to the fuel line connecting the carburetor and the fuel tank, thereby posing a fire hazard to consumers.

The recall affects about 16,000 units and includes those with model number PB-265L and serial numbers P093121 35519 through P093121 50152 and P078110 20732 through P078110 22309. The serial numbers can be located near the gas filler cap on a printed label. There have been no reported injuries to date in connection with the recalled product.

Those with the recalled backpack blower models should stop using them immediately and return them to the place of purchase for a repair if necessary, free of charge. Consumers may also contact the company at (800) 432-3246.

As a personal injury lawyer San Bernardino, I deeply appreciate the ongoing efforts being made to ensure the safety and well being of consumers nationwide. I understand the constant risks posed by defective products and encourage consumers to learn more about recalled products and how to avoid them. As a Ventura personal injury attorney, I hope this information helps keep consumers safe.

Bumbleride Recalls Strollers Due to Faulty Front Wheel

By PSB Admin on February 3, 2012

Bumbleride has had to recall their Indie and Indie Twin strollers due to a defect that creates a possible fall hazard.

28,000 units are affected by this recall, which encompasses model numbers I-107, I-110, and I-205 in the single stroller product, and IT-108, IT-111, and IT-305 in the twin stroller set.  Both products were produced between January 2009 and August 2011 and were sold at various baby product stores across the country from January 2009 through to last month.  They retailed anywhere from $500 to $700.

The problem concerns the front wheel, which can break at the axle hub.  This makes it possible for the stroller to tip over and injure the occupant or occupants.  There have already been 36 reports of the front wheel cracking, including two in which minor injuries occurred.

Consumers are advised to cease usage of the products and contact Bumbleride for a free wheel retrofit kit.

As a Ventura personal injury attorney, I understand that just about any method of conveyance can pose a hazard to consumers, even a stroller.  It’s unfortunate that two injuries already occurred as a result of the described defect, but it’s my hope as a personal injury lawyer in Long Beach that word of the recall reaches affected consumers before more incidents can transpire.

Toys ‘R Us Program Helps Get Unsafe Baby Products Off Streets

By PSB Admin on January 25, 2012

With so many products out there, it can sometimes be quite difficult to keep up with product recalls and safety information.  That’s why I was glad this morning to see a company working hard to help get dangerous products off the streets.

Toys ‘R Us is once again promoting a program called the “Great Trade-In” event.  What this program basically does is allow consumers to bring old, used, and potentially unsafe products in to a local Toys ‘R Us store and exchange them for a new item of a similar make.  The program was first introduced in 2009 as a way to curtail the danger posed by various hand-me-down products that may have been recalled or no longer comply with federal safety guidelines.

Since the first event, around 600,000 products have been traded in for a safer alternative.  For the upcoming promotion, which beginss on January 27, consumers can bring in items such as cribs, high chairs, and strollers in exchange for a 25% discount on a similar item from selected manufacturers.

As a Ventura personal injury attorney, I can tell you how important product recalls are, but I also know that it’s often hard to keep track of a seemingly endless amount of safety information, especially if money is an issue.  Events like the one described above do a great service to consumers across the country, and as a personal injury attorney in Ventura, I urge everyone out there to take part in this event if you think it could help make your household safer.

Navistar Recalls 2007-2011 IC Bus Due to Fire Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on January 23, 2012

According to news sources, a recall has been issued by Navistar, Inc. for about 338 2007-2011 IC bus model HC buses after it was found that the brake line could potentially be pinched by a frame member, causing the rear brakes to drag as a result.

The recalled vehicles have rear brakes that can drag when the bus kneeling feature is activated, causing a potential fire due to overheating of the tires. Such fires could increase the risk of crash, injury or property damage.

Vehicle owners can expect to be notified by the company to bring in the recalled vehicle model to their local dealership to receive an inspection of the vehicle, free of charge. Consumers can contact the company at 1-800-448-7825 for more information.

As a Ventura personal injury attorney, I’ve seen recalls of this kind in the past and know the severity of the hazards they entail. I hope this information can help raise awareness about this recalled product. If you or a loved one has been injured through the use or consumption of a defective product, speak with a personal injury lawyer Ventura to learn about the legal options available to you. Please, continue to visit our blog for regular updates about unsafe and dangerous consumer products.

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