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Utah Governor Approves Teenage Driver Cellphone Ban

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In Utah, a distracted driving-related law has been passed which targets those drivers who might be most at risk given their relative inexperience at the wheel:  teenagers. The Governor of the state signed the bill two days ago, the last…

Survey Shows Adult Texters Far More Common Than Teenagers on Roads

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AT & T’s It Can Wait program can arguably be considered the foremost anti-distracted driving campaign in the entire country.  The telecommunications company travels across the country holding events at local schools which stress to teens how dangerous texting at…

Guidance for Parents Who Want Their Teen Drivers to Stop Texting

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A new article discusses a familiar threat:  the danger of texting while driving, especially among teenagers.  Parents might be fed up with this behavior among their teens who have recently begun to take to the roads in an automobile, but…

Teen Driving Summit Emphasizes Texting Dangers in Pelham, Alabama

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The Pelham Civic Center in Pelham, Alabama was recently the site of a Children’s of Alabama-hosted event known as the Crash Course Teen Driving Summit.  60 teenagers were able to take part in the event, now in its fourth year,…

Minnesota Teens Tasked With Creating Seatbelt and Texting PSAs

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High school students throughout the state of Minnesota are being asked to make public service announcements about distracted driving and seatbelt use. Finalists will be awarded cash prizes and have their commercial air on MTV next year. This is in…

Charlotte High Teens Asked to Vow Not to Text and Drive

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At Charlotte High School in Florida, one volunteer is on a mission to get high school students to stop texting and driving. At lunchtime, she asks the students to sign a petition in which they pledge to not text behind…

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