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Sugarfly Children’s Jackets Recalled Over Strangulation Risk

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on February 4, 2014

Cotton and polyester jackets under the Sugarfly brand are being recalled by the New York City-based Runway Fashions because of the risk that they may lead a user to be strangled.  820 of these children’s jackets could run up against federal regulations designed to eliminate the risk of strangulation to children.  Children’s jackets are not supposed to contain drawstrings near the neck due to the hazard that this would pose, but unfortunately, these particular jackets have those drawstrings and thus federal standards are breached.  No injuries have been reported in relation to the issue, and parents are being asked to protect their own kids by taking out the drawstrings.  A refund can be sought from Burlington Coat Factory, the only retail outlet where these products were available.

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Drawstring Issue Prompts Recall of 6,600 Girls BCG Hooded Windsuits

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on December 6, 2013

Girls BCG Hooded Windsuits in various sizes are being recalled by the Katy, Texas-based Academy Sports + Outdoors because of a potential strangulation risk posed to the children wearing the products.  These clothing items have drawstrings, which brings the windsuits out of compliance with regulations established in 2011 to protect kids from entanglement risks associated with those components.  No injurious incidents have been reported at this time in association with the 6,600 products being recalled.  To sustain that track record, parents are being asked to bring back the items or to simply take out the drawstrings.  The recall affects those products that were sold at Academy retailers between this past September and October.

For more about the recall, follow this link.

Strangulation Threat Prompts Recall of 600,000 Angelcare Baby Monitors

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on November 21, 2013

Angelcare Movement and Sound Baby Monitors with Sensor Pads are being recalled by the Quebec, Canada-based Angelcare Monitors due to the potential strangulation threat posed to children.  A whopping 600,000 products are being recalled from the United States and Canada due to the danger that the monitors’ sensor pad cords could pose if they get pulled into the crib by the child.  Sadly, two fatalities have already been reported in association with this safety issue, and two other babies have reportedly become entangled with a cord without being fatally injured.  These products have been available from various retailers around the country between 1999 and this past September.  Owners can obtain a repair kit from Angelcare that will hopefully eliminate the strangulation threat that would otherwise be posed by these products.

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Strangulation Risk Leads BabyHome USA to Recall 1,100 Eat High Chairs

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 28, 2013

The Chester, New Jersey-based BabyHome USA has announced the recall of 1,100 “Eat” high chairs in a variety of colors.  Each of these high chairs would have been available from retailers across the country and online between March of last year and this past February.  At issue is the fact that the $150 chairs have too large of an opening between the seat and the tray.  If a child wiggles into that space, he or she could get trapped in the space and potentially strangled.  No instances of such have been reported at this time, but consumers are being asked to cease usage at once and get in touch with BabyHome.  The company is providing a repair kit to affected persons at no charge.

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Strangulation Risk Prompts Hunter Douglas to Recall Window Shades

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on November 21, 2012

Various types of window shades are being recalled because children could be endangered if they approach the cords in the wrong way.  It’s a serious issue that parents shouldn’t take lightly.

Hunter Douglas, Applause, and Duette pleated and honeycomb shades are those affected by the recall, which was announced by a company located here in California, the West Sacramento-based Hunter Douglas Fabrications Company.  The nature of the items is such that the cords can be used to open the shades from the bottom up or the top down.  4,400 window shades in total are being recalled.

Because a certain cord may have been tied in a single knot, the cord might not break away properly.  A child playing with the item could thus become tangled up in the loop of the cord.  If this were to occur, then a strangulation hazard is posed.  Thankfully, no one has reported experiencing such an incident at this moment in time.

These shades were priced starting at about $240, and they were sold across the country at retailers that carry Hunter Douglas merchandise.  They were available between January of last year and August of this year.  Anyone who thinks they own the product should check to see if the aforementioned single knot has been tied.  If a knot is found, customers should get in touch with the company to obtain a repair kit at no cost.

Strangulation Hazard Prompts Dream on Me to Recall Bistro High Chairs

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on October 18, 2012

The South Plainfield, New Jersey-based Dream on Me has announced the recall of Bistro high chairs that have 255 as their model number.  90 of these chairs could suffer from an issue wherein the child can fall through an opening in the chair and be strangled if he or she becomes entrapped via their neck.  Exposed springs could also pinch the child.  Customers can get in touch with the company to obtain a replacement unit.

Follow this link to learn more about the recall.

Peg Perego Strollers Recalled Over Potential Strangulation Threat

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on July 25, 2012

An alarming child death report has spurred the recall of Venezia and Pliko-P3 strollers by Peg Perego. The voluntary recall stems both from the reported death and the risk of children getting entrapped or strangled inside the strollers while in use. Owners of the potentially dangerous strollers are urged not to use them.  Consumers can instead contact Peg Perego, who will be giving out repair kits at no cost.

Click here to learn more about the recall.

Five Companies Agree to Assist in Recall of Tots in Mind Crib Tents

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 16, 2012

Sometimes, as you’ll see in this next story, it’s up to retailers to step up to the plate when a company that sells a defective product stops operating.

Tots in Mind, Inc., who was responsible for manufacturing a number of defective crib tents and play yard tents, has gone out of business.  Those tents were determined to have a safety hazard, and now, to make sure that the items can still get returned properly, Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Amazon, Walmart, and the Burlington Coat Factory have all agreed to give any consumers who purchased the items from one of the aforementioned stores either store credit or a full refund, depending on the store.

The products in question pose an entrapment and a strangulation hazard.  It was because of these hazards that a recall had to be initiated on July 15, 2010.  There have been 27 reported instances of the item malfunctioning and endangering the child inside.  In one of those instances, a boy of just two years old died because he became trapped between rails.  And in another case, another two year old suffered a brain injury due to the crib tent inverting and harming the child.

330,000 units have the potential defect, and various models are encompassed by the recall.  The best way for customers to identity the product is to look for a two inch wide Tots in Mind logo near the top of the tent.

Boys hooded jackets pose strangulation hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 15, 2012

At the request of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Bonded Apparel Incorporated has announced a voluntary recall of an estimated 720 of its zip front hooded jackets for boys due to a choking hazard. Under the safety guidelines established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulating children’s upper outerwear equipped with adjustable drawstrings, the SX and QH line of boys hooded zip front jackets sold by dd’s Discount Stores across the country pose a noncompliant strangulation hazard to the children wearing them. The jackets affected by this recall were manufactured in China and distributed by Bonded Apparel, a clothing distributor headquartered in Los Angeles, California. These long sleeved hooded boys jackets feature a fake fur lining and are available in three colors: aqua green, army green, and black. They feature either an embroidered number 2 or letter B in their left chest pocket area or the word AB Sportwear or ROCK embroidered across the chest.  An interior neck label bears either the SX or QH model designation, and the jackets were sold in sizes ranging from 4 to 7 or small, medium, or large. These jackets retailed for approximately $8 and were available for purchase only at dd’s Discount stores between August 2011 and December 2011. Consumers in possession of affected products should not allow their children to wear them without removing the drawstring from the jacket. Consumers can also contact the manufacturer for instructions on obtaining a full refund of the purchase price.

Strangulation Hazard Forces Recall of Girls’ Winter Jackets

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 8, 2012

Another children’s clothing item is being recalled for a failure to comply with Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines regarding drawstrings.

This time, the product in question is a Girls’ Winter Jacket sold across the country exclusively at dd’s Discounts stores.  About 2,300 jackets are affected by this recall.  Each of the jackets was produced in China but imported by the Los Angeles-based LA Fashion Hub, the company that issued the recall.

The CPSC’s mandatory guidelines regarding drawstring usage in children’s wear debuted in July 2011, a departure from the merely voluntary standard that had heretofore been used since 1997.  In violation of these new guidelines, the clothing items in question have a drawstring that could potentially strangle the young user, and thus the recall was announced.  No injuries have been reported at this time.

The jackets come in pink, yellow, red or turquoise, and have a design of a flower or a heart on the front.  They were available from dd’s between January of last year and January of this year.  The items cost around $10.  Consumers should take the drawstring out and return the clothing for a refund.

As a side note, this is but one of three recalls affecting jackets sold at dd’s.  All are being recalled for similar reasons.  The other items are YMI girls’ hooded sweatshirts and Goddess girls’ hooded sweatshirts.

I’m disappointed as a Ventura personal injury lawyer to see a potentially dangerous product make its way onto store shelves.  I encourage everyone to follow this recall and the other ones I’ve just mentioned in order to keep their children safe.  Consider it a favor to a personal injury attorney in Fresno.

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