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Target Bunny Sippy Cup Hazardous To Child’s Eyes is Recalled

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 26, 2012

A massive recall has been issued for a children’s product that was sold exclusively at Target.

The Minneapolis-based company issued the recall after it was discovered that their Target Home Bunny Sippy Cups posed a hazard to the children drinking from those cups.  Specifically, the cups have bunny ears that protrude out from the top of the item.  A child using the cup can poke himself or herself in the eye with these ears, making them unsafe for use.  Six instances of this have come to the attention of Target, and three of those instances resulted in cuts or bruises.

This recall encompasses a wide swath of cups; around 264,000 in point of fact.  The sippy cups have lids that make them look like bunnies.  There is a blue boy bunny cup and a pink girl bunny cup.  The cups, which were made in China, were available for purchase during the Easter season, going on sale in February and staying on shelves until April 5.  They cost $3 a piece.

Target is willing to provide a complete refund to any persons who have the item in their possession.  Consumers are also being advised to remove the cups from a child’s grasp at once.

It’s striking to a San Jose personal injury attorney like me that such an innocent looking object could pose such a threat.  I hate to see products of any sort create a danger, of course, but it’s even sadder to a personal injury lawyer in Fresno like me when these items affect children.

Groups Tangle Over Proposed Individual Drug Tracking System

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 25, 2012

The potential ability of the Food and Drug Administration to track individual drug items via serial numbers might be in danger.

Over the past ten years, the FDA has struggled to put together a “track and trace” plan that would put a unique serial number on every single package of medicine that’s brought to market.  However, opponents of the mandate, which range from large drug companies to smaller pharmacies, think the system is cost-prohibitive.

The problem is that the debate can’t carry on for that much longer without a significant delay in implementation.  If the FDA doesn’t propose one distinct plan by this September, then they’ll have to wait another five years until they can legally bring the issue back up with Congress.

Drug manufacturers and other opponents, who say it would cost upwards of $6 billion for pharmacies to fall in line with tracking every individual medicinal package, would rather see an expanded focus on keeping tabs on every lot of a drug instead of every single package.

California was the first state scheduled to switch over to an individual drug package tracking system, but healthcare lobbyists were able to delay the measure again and again.  It’s currently not scheduled to take place until 2015.  Estimates hint that the national system could be ready by 2020.

This is an important issue to a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles like me.  I understand how important is is to track drugs.  Such information could make issuing recalls and weeding out counterfeits easier.  As a San Jose personal injury attorney, I hope that lawmakers are able to figure out how best to preserve safety.

Officials Say Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hackers

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 24, 2012

We often think about how devastating a cyberattack or viral infection can be for our computers.  But could similar tactics be used by hackers to compromise the safety of medical devices?

The general consensus seems to be that such a hack is indeed possible, which is why the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Information Security and Privacy Board are recommending that the Food and Drug Administration or some such similar organization maintain cybersecurity standards that must be met by medical devices before they come to market.

The issue has come to the fore recently due to a number of examples which illustrate how precarious the situation might be.  Although the FDA hasn’t received a report of someone hacking an implanted medical device, a study from the Department of Veterans Affairs showed that malware had infected 173 medical devices between January 2009 and last spring.

Researchers with the Medical Device Security Center demonstrated how they were able to hack defibrillators and pacemakers way back in 2008.  And interest in the importance of security was renewed when, at a recent conference, a security researcher was able to wirelessly hack his own insulin pump and manually adjust the settings of the device.

I’m concerned about this vital issue as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.  Medical devices are incredibly important to maintaining a high standard of living for so many people across the world, and the fact that such devices could be hacked is a grave threat to safety.  I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that lawmakers act quickly to address this issue.

FDA Pledges to Expand Commitment to Global Product Safety

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 23, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration wants consumers to know that it is doing what it can to ensure the safety of items produced from without as well as from within.

To that end, they have released their “Global Engagement Report.”  This report seeks to explain to consumers and concerned individuals the many ways in which the FDA is expanding its purview to focus more on issues across the entire globe instead of just in America.  The chief goal of the FDA hopes to address with this report is to guarantee that foods produced abroad meet the same safety standards that Americans have come to expect from domestic products.

The report details a number of strategies that the FDA is embarking upon to meet this goal.  It talks about the agency’s establishment of offices in different continents acrosss the globe in an effort to learn about those locales’ regulations.  They are helping foreign governments and safety agencies to improve on their regulatory procedures, as well as assisting them with an understanding of United States safety standards and the FDA’s own processes.

The FDA points out an increase of food importation by the United States by 10% every year for the past six years as a reason why this measure is so important.

I firmly believe as a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles that food safety is vital to preserving public health.  With imports becoming more and more commonplace, I’m glad to see the FDA doing something to maintain globally the standards we expect locally.  It’s my hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that their efforts save lives.

55,260 Saw Blades Sold at Lowe’s Recalled Due to Package Defect

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 19, 2012

A product that could be considered dangerous even without a defect is being recalled.

The products in question are Classic Series Circular Saw Blades available in a 3-pack.  The items were made in China and manufactured by the Huntersville, North Carolina-based Irwin Industrial Tool Company.  The blades were each ten inches long, and two of the blades in the package had 40 teeth while one had 60.  ICSLD3PK can be seen on the top right corner of the package.

The problem has to do not with the item’s use but with the package itself.  The blades can fall right out of the plastic case that they come in, endangering people nearby.  There have thankfully been no injuries in the three reported instances of this happening.

An astounding 55,260 units are affected by this particular recall.  The items were only available for purchase at Lowe’s, where they were sold across the country this past October and November.  The 3-pack cost $40.  Consumers are being advised to carefully set aside those blades that remain in the package.  Upon contacting Irwin, the company will ship a free container to store the blades in.  At this point, users can discard the original packaging.

As a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I hate to see any defect, but I’m especially disappointed when a flaw affects something that could already be considered dangerous in the wrong hands.  Plus, a package defect means the person doesn’t even necessarily have to take the item home to get hurt by it.  I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that no one gets hurt by this product.

Safety Hazard Prompts Recall of Cribs Sold at JC Penney

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 12, 2012

News broke today about a recall on a crib that might be dangerous for the child within it.

The recall concerns a number of Rockland Furniture drop-side cribs manufactured by Nan Far Woodworking.  Specifically, the affected models are called the Cottage Standard, the Nightingale Spindle, the Renew Standard, the Renew Convertible, and a model that’s simply called the Drop-Side Crib and Changer.  16,700 units are affected.

Five reports have come into the Consumer Product Safety Commission in which the drop sides malfunctioned.  In one of these instances, the child became stuck, suffering minor injuries.

The hazard from these products is twofold.  The child can become wedged in the space left by the defective drop sides, which would put him or her at risk of suffocating.  The second risk comes from the child falling out of the crib and sustaining damage.  Extensive use and poor assembly can further contribute to the risk of a crib failure.

The items were only sold through JC Penney, where they retailed from $150 to $400 between 2005 and 2008.  Consumers are advised to have their children sleep elsewhere until they can get in touch with Nan Far Woodworking, who have pledged to provide a repair kit at no charge.

I find children’s product recalls to be particularly maddening as a Fresno personal injury lawyer.  Parents rely on companies that make children’s products to keep their little ones safe, and they shouldn’t have to worry that that trust is being compromised.  Considering that cribs often get passed around to multiple families, I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that no one unwittingly uses this crib without the proper repairs being made.

Chaperone car seat recalled due to harness defect

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 9, 2012

Britax Child Safety Incorporated has issued a voluntary recall for its Chaperone Infant Car Seat due to a potentially defective harness adjuster. This recall affects Chaperone Infant Car Seats units manufactured from September 2010 to April 2011. The car seat units affected bear model numbers E9L692L, E9L692K, E9L692J, and E9L692M in the United States.

The Chaperone’s harness adjuster is attached to the infant car seat shell, and it assures that the car seat’s harness straps can be securely adjusted over the infant’s shoulders. The harness adjuster may have been improperly riveted to the infant car seat shell. The harness adjuster may become detached from the infant car seat shell, compromising the safety seat’s capacity for protecting the infant, and putting the child in greater danger of incurring injury in the event of an auto collision.

Britax will be supplying to consumers affected by this recall a repair kit that includes a harness adjuster clip and an installation manual. Owners of Chaperone Infant Car Seats that may be affected by this recall should verify the model number and manufacturing dates of their units and discontinue use if the harness adjuster becomes detached from the shell.

As a San Diego personal injury lawyer I hope this recall is effective at preventing the injuries that could result from this manufacturing defect. If you or someone you care about has been injured by a malfunctioning product, please consider discussing your legal options with a San Jose personal injury attorney.

Chrysler recalls 289 vehicles for faulty rear suspension

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 6, 2012

The Chrysler Group Limited Liability Company has issued a voluntary recall of 289 of its Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan passenger vehicles manufactured in model year 2012 due to their potential for rear suspension failure.

Some of these vehicles may have come equipped with right rear bearing and hub assemblies that have been inadequately machined by the auto manufacturer, potentially allowing for premature degradation of these parts which can cause the right rear wheel to become separated from the vehicle, potentially increasing the likelihood of an auto collision. Chrysler will begin notifying the owners of the affected vehicles later this month, at which time the automaker will begin replacing the potentially defective auto parts with properly manufactured right rear hub and bearing assemblies at no cost to the consumer. Consumers with questions about the recall can contact the manufacturer and reference Chrysler recall number M13 or call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline and reference NHTSA Campaign ID Number 12V141000.

As a highly experienced San Jose car accident lawyer, I know the damage improperly manufactured automobiles can cause, and I sincerely hope that this recall is carried out swiftly and efficiently to minimize the chance that this defective auto part will result in accident or injury. If you have been involved in a collision linked to malfunctioning auto parts, please consider contacting a licensed San Jose personal injury attorney.

California Highway Patrol teaches teens with Wii

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 4, 2012

The California Highway Patrol is using video games to help high school students better understand the  risks associated with distracted driving.

Four out of five auto collisions are linked to inattentive driving, according to data recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the most common cause of distracted driving is the use of a hand held cell phone while behind the wheel. The number one cause of death among teens is an automotive collision, so teenagers talking or texting from behind the wheel can be deadly to themselves and others.

California law enforcement officials are making an extra effort to enforce the state’s cell phone ban during April, which has been declared National Distracted Driver Awareness Month.

To help reinforce the idea that inattentive driving puts people in danger, the California Highway Patrol had students at a public high school attempt to play a driving video game on a Nintendo Wii while sending a text message on their cell phones. The teens had great difficulty doing both activities simultaneously, a lesson the California Highway Patrol hopes these students apply to their real world driving.

As a San Jose car accident lawyer, I’m deeply saddened by the harm that has been caused by distracted drivers. If you or a loved one has been inured in an accident linked to distracted driving, please consider discussing your legal options with a San Jose personal injury attorney.

Big Movers Toy Truck Recalled Over Potential Fire Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 30, 2012

I have word of yet another recall leading into the weekend.

This particular recall was announced by Happy Shirts, a Honolulu-based company.  That company has a line of t-shirts that were sold at Kohl’s, but it’s not the shirt that poses a safety risk.  The safety hazard actually comes from a toy truck gift that was given away with the purchase of a shirt, and it’s that gift that is being recalled.

The toys are specifically called Big Movers Super Car toy trucks.  They are blue, four inches long, and they were handed out to consumers who purchased Big Movers boys navy t-shirts from Kohl’s stores and on the web.

The issue comes into play when users put a battery into the truck.  The battery compartment connections have a propensity to smolder, creating the risk of a fire and burn hazard.  Users have been advised to take the toy away from children and take the battery away from the toy.  Happy Shirts is standing by to receive word from customers, who can call to receive refund instructions.

9,000 units are affected, and already four reports have arisen of the aforementioned hazard, one that involved a full-on fire.  Thankfully, no injuries have yet occurred.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I think that all safety defects are tragic, but those that affect children are especially so.  I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that no one gets burned by this defect.

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