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FDA Wants Oversight of Nanotech in Food and Cosmetics

Posted on

You know you’re living in an era of widespread technological innovation when the Food and Drug Administration is instituting new rules regarding the advancement of nanotechnology. Today, the FDA has issued draft guidance meant to govern how cosmetics companies and … LEARN MORE

Brake pump failure prompts Big Tex trailer recall

Posted on

Big Tex Trailer Manufacturing Incorporated, in response to a request from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has issued a voluntary recall for 20 of its trailers due to a potential risk for brake failure. The trailers affected by this … LEARN MORE

Seafood Listeria Risks Prompt FDA to Shut Down Yamaya USA

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Another company is having its production shut down due to widespread safety issues that contributed to the contamination of their products. This time, the firm in question is Yamaya USA, a Torrance-based importer and producer of a variety of fish … LEARN MORE

Tax deadline increases fatal accident risk, study says

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According to the results of a research study published in a recent medical journal, U.S. drivers face a higher risk of being involved in a fatal automotive collision on income tax day. Researchers compiled the Internal Revenue Service’s tax day … LEARN MORE

Brake pump defect prompts Mo Trailers recall

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The Mo Trailers Corporation has issued a voluntary recall for three of its 39 VS and 41 VS trailers manufactured during model year 2011 due to a potential defect in the electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps. The corporation has also … LEARN MORE

Pax-All Banned From Exporting Goods to America by FDA

Posted on

The Food and Drug Administration has told a Canadian company that until they meet certain demands, they will be unable to pedal their goods south of the border in the United States. Pax-All Manufacturing, based out of the Canadian city … LEARN MORE

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