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Houston Campaigns to Stop Texting While Driving

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 10, 2012

Hot on the heels of a Texas campaign designed to raise awareness about motorcycle safety, the city of Houston has launched an initiative that aims to get people talking about that go-to public menace:  texting while driving.

The campaign is a joint effort by the Houston Police Department, the Fire Department, State Farm Insurance, and Clear Channel Outdoor, whose billboards are being used at a discounted rate so that commuters can see the warnings the various departments have designed.

Those billboards are going to be visible in 20 different locations until May.  They will each say, “Texting Distracts- Watch the Road!”

In 2011 alone, officials with the city have estimated that 30 deaths were the result of a driver being distracted while behind the wheel.  Distracted driving was also a likely contributor to as many as 8,000 injuries and 30,000 crashes.

A ban on texting while driving was set to go into effect last year across the entire state of Texas, but the governor vetoed the ban, saying the government doesn’t have the right to control an adult’s behavior in such a way.

As a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I’m glad to see awareness brought to this serious topic, especially in a state that still allows the practice of texting while driving.  In my time as a car accident attorney in San Bernardino, I’ve seen a number of accidents that could have been avoided had a distraction not presented itself, and efforts like these go a long way toward curbing such dangerous behavior.

Two tire models pose blowout hazards

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 10, 2012

Two tire manufacturers have announced voluntary recalls of their products recently in two separate cases.

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company has issued a recall for specific units of its Discoverer light vehicle tires, size LT245/75R16, manufactured between February 12, 2012, and March 10, 2012 due to the possibility that they were designated with an incorrect maximum load rang and maximum permissible air pressure imprinted in the tire’s interior wall. This incorrect marking may lead consumers to under inflate the tires or allow the tire to bear a weight heavier than the tire’s capacity, increasing the likelihood of an unexpected blow out and putting the driver at greater risk of an auto collision.

Multistrada Arah Sarana has issued a voluntary recall for more than 36,500 16-inch light truck tires manufactured between January of 2009 and November of 2011 due to a risk of sidewall blistering caused by the tire’s narrow bead tread design. The tires were sold in the United States under the brand names Achilles Desert Hawk and Radar Radial RLT-9. The tires’ defective design puts them in violation of federal safety standards regulating light truck tires.

As a San Bernardino car accident attorney, I sincerely hope that these potentially defective tires are recalled before the cause any harm to people or property. If you have been injured in a collision linked to a defective auto part, please consider discussing your legal options with a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.

Daimler Trucks recalls four Freighliner models

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 5, 2012

Daimler Trucks has announced a voluntary recall of its Freightliner vehicle models Business Class M2, Cascadia, and Western Star 4900, all released during the 2012 model year. The Business Class M2 and Cascadia model Freightliners were potentially assembled improperly, using a sterring wheel nut that may be insufficient to create the clamp load needed to properly position the steering wheel on its shaft. An incorrectly positioned steering wheel can increase the difficulty of controlling the Freightliner, increasing the likelihood of collision. In addition, the Cascadia model, as well as the Western Star 4900, may have been outfitted with specific drivers’ seats manufactured by National Seat. The seat bases for these models may not be welded to meet safety standards, increasing the likelihood the seat will collapse unexpectedly, potentially decreasing visibility and vehicle control and increasing the likelihood of a collision. Approximately 1,046 Business Class M2 and Cascadia models are affected by the steering wheel recall. Owners of affected vehicles can have a replacement steering wheel nut installed by a licensed Daimler repair shop free of charge. Approximately 8, 747 units of the Cascadia and the Western Star 4900 Freightliner vehicles are affected by the drivers’ seat recall. Owners of affected vehicles will be given the opportunity to have replacement and reinforcement components installed for free by a licensed Daimler repair technician.

As a San Bernardino car accident attorney, I hope these potential manufacturing defects don’t result in any injuries or property damage. If you or a loved one has bee involved in a collision involving a malfunctioning vehicle, please consider contacting a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.


Female crash test dummies may save women’s lives

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 29, 2012

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American car makers have been conducting crash tests for decades, but only with dummies modeled after the male anatomy. That’s changed recently thanks to new dummy designs that represent females, and the test results achieved using these dummies will be used to enhance the vehicle safety ratings system, as well as the design of new automobile models.

General Motors has begun employing 20 varieties of crash test dummies designs, modeled after men, women children and infants of various dimensions. Each dummy can cost up to $200,000, and General Motors has 200 of them, 35 of which are based on female anatomy. Some are distinguished only by their dimensions, while other dummy designs feature simulated breasts and proportionately larger hips.

Because females tend to have lower bone density and smaller bones than males, a woman is often in greater danger of being injured or killed in the event of an auto collision than a man would be in the same accident.

Women also tend to have less muscle mass in their necks than men, on average, which increases their chances of getting whiplash in an accident. In most cases, an average sized man will have a better chance of surviving an auto collision than an average size woman or child.

As a San Bernardino car accident attorney I am happy the federal government and American automakers are introducing innovations that might make the road safer for all of us. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, please consider contacting a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.

Airline Electronic Usage Violations Could Carry Civil Penalties

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 28, 2012

We’re likely all aware that airlines have guidelines in place that prohibit the usage of electronic devices during takeoff.  Such offenses usually illicit a scolding, or if the passenger is belligerent, being kicked off of the flight.  But one airport might begin imposing a financial penalty on those passengers who are the worst offenders.

The New York and New Jersey Port Authority is considering implementing measures that would allow them to sue passengers in a civil court who became unruly to the point that they had to be thrown off a flight due to cell phone usage.  La Guardia, JFK, and Newark airports all fall under the banner of the Port Authority.

A spokesperson has said that police had to be called on passengers 400 times last year alone because the passengers would not turn off their cell phone, laptop, or other electronic device.  Such behavior can prove costly to the airline, the Port Authority, and other parties across the country who might be affected by the ripple effect of a delayed flight.

At the moment, no civil court recourse exists, although if a passenger’s behavior rises to the level of a disorderly conduct offense, he or she can face criminal punishment.

As a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, this is one story I will continue to follow.  Much like a delayed flight, laws passed in one city could soon spread to the other side of the country.  When a person compromises safety, he or she must be prepared to face the consequences, and as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I need to be aware of what those consequences might be.

Toyota 4Runners, Siennas recalled for faulty remote starters

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 27, 2012

Gulf States Toyota Incorporated has issued a voluntary recall for specific models of Toyota 4Runner and Sienna automobiles. The affected models were manufactured in 2012, and feature non-factory remote engine starters. These remote engine starter modules were manufactured by Audiovox  Electronics. The defective Audiovox Electronics remote engine starter modules can malfunction when attempting to communicate with the automobile’s Controller Area Network, potentially causing necessary communications with the Controller Area Network to cease.

In this state, the vehicle’s electronic stability control and antilock brake system could potentially quit functioning correctly, putting the driver in greater danger of an auto collision. Vehicles in this condition  should display corresponding warning lights on the dashboard. Potentially 363 vehicles are affected by this recall. Gulf States Toyota will begin informing owners of affected vehicles in early April. Consumers should return affected vehicles to the original dealership, where the vehicles will be fitted with new remote engine starter modules. Customers seeking more information regarding this recall can contact Toyota or call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline.

As a San Bernardino car accident lawyer,  I sincerely hope that no one has been injured as a result of this potential vehicle malfunction. If you or someone you care about has been harmed as the result of a defective auto part, please consider discussing your case with a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.

Recall: American Honda Trimmers Due to Laceration Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on February 28, 2012

According to news sources, a recall has been issued for about 14,000 units of Grass Trimmers after it was found that they contained shafts that could potentially crack, causing the cutting attachment to possibly detach.

The company, American Honda Motor Company, announced the recall due to the possibility of a detached cutting attachment posing a laceration hazard to bystanders or operators. The company received 11 reports regarding incidents involving a broken or cracked shaft. To date, there have been no injuries reported. The recalled units include those with model number HHT35SUKAT as well as those with serial numbers in the range of HAHA-1000001 to HAHA-1017345.

The recalled product was reportedly manufactured in the United States.

Consumers should stop using the recalled trimmers and contact their nearest authorized dealer to receive a free inspection and repair if necessary.

As a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I appreciate all efforts being made to ensure consumer products are made safer for those who use them. I hope this information can help raise awareness about this recalled product and keep consumers safe. If you or a loved one has been injured through the use or consumption of a defective product, speak with a personal injury lawyer Riverside to learn about the legal options available to you.

Salt Lake City’s Protected Bike Lanes Look to Improve Safety

By PSB Admin on February 6, 2012

One of the most interesting safety concepts being pushed in cities with eco-friendly reputations is the concept of a protected bike lane, and now Salt Lake City is looking to be tossed into that mix.

Protected bike lanes work by having cars park about a car’s length away from the curb, creating a bike lane that’s further away from speeding traffic.  Because the area between parked cars and the curb is so large, it also helps to prevent collisions between bicycles and passengers opening their car door in the lane.

Salt Lake City has received a $25,000 grant from the Bikes Belong Foundation to create such a lane.  A test of the new system is scheduled to run along a three-block stretch of road in the city.  The measure is said to be cost-effective since all it really entails is painting the current roads in a different manner.

With their protected bike lane, Salt Lake joins the ranks of cities like San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado.  Bike commutes increased 27% in the city, which helped contribute to the bestowal of the grant.

As a car accident attorney in San Bernardino, I’m glad to see any measures that help to keep people safe on the road.  Bicycles aren’t afforded the same protections as motorists, so it’s my opinion as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer that something like this could go a long way toward saving lives and promoting a healthy environment.

HP Recalls Over A Million Fax Machines Due to Fire Danger

By PSB Admin on February 2, 2012

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that Hewlett Packard has recalled over one million fax machines due to a fire hazard.

The problem involves the failure of defective internal components.  This failure causes the fax machines to overheat and subsequently catch fire.

Already seven reports have reached HP of fires breaking out in the fax machines.  Of these reports, one resulted in a large amount of damage to surrounding property and another left a person’s finger with minor burns.

The affected units are the HP Fax 1040 and HP Fax 1050 machines.  They were sold all across the country at various electronics stores between November 2004 and December 2011.  They retailed anywhere from $90 to $120.  Ironically, some of these items were replacements for a previous recall of a similar product that occurred in June 2008.  Consumers can contact the company for a rebate that’s good for a replacement fax.

As a personal injury attorney in Ventura, I think it’s a shame that a handful of these fires broke out before the recall could be announced, especially considering the nature of that similar recall in 2008.  I hope that consumers take my advice as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer and heed the recall.

Bike Model Recalled by Giant Bicycle Inc.

By PSB Admin on January 25, 2012

Yet another recall of a bicycle product has occurred, this one affecting an entire bike line.

Giant Bicycle Inc., along with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has announced a recall of their 2012 Giant Defy Advanced and Avail Advanced Bicycles.  About 900 units are affected by the recall, which encompasses all bikes from the described model year.  The bikes comes in a variety of sizes and colors, but “Giant” and the name of the model are printed on each of the bicycles.  They were sold through Giant Bicycle dealers across the country from August 2011 to November 2011 for a price of $3,000 to $4,550.

The bikes in question pose a hazard to riders due to the possibility of the fork cracking.  This could induce a fall which would clearly be dangerous to the rider.  Consumers using the bike in question are advised to contact a Giant Bicycle dealer for a free inspection and fork replacement.

As a personal injury lawyer in San Bernardino, I’ve seen a number of accidents occur when someone is thrown from a bicycle.  They may not be able to move as fast as an automobile, but if you get careening down a hill, speed can certainly become an issue, especially if one of the parts of the bike is faulty.  That’s why, as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I advise everyone to pay attention to consumer reports and be as safe as possible while on the road.

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