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New Airbag Technology Aims to Make Commute Safer

Posted on

A new airbag has been designed, and its makers claim that its application will make drivers and passengers safer in the event of an accident. The company touting the brand new airbags is PATEV Associates, a consulting firm working in … LEARN MORE

Inaccurate Seating Capacity Label Prompts Kawasaki Recall

Posted on

An off road vehicle is being recalled because because a certain usage direction on the label might create a hazard. The Irvine-based Kawasaki Motor Corporation announced the recall, which affects Teryx Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles.  About 2,000 units fall under the … LEARN MORE

Nikon Warns Consumers About Defective Camera Battery

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The latest product to get the consumer warning treatment is a camera that could have a defective battery. Nikon is the company issuing the announcement, although they have stopped short of referring to the warning as a recall.  The alert … LEARN MORE

Officials Say Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hackers

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We often think about how devastating a cyberattack or viral infection can be for our computers.  But could similar tactics be used by hackers to compromise the safety of medical devices? The general consensus seems to be that such a … LEARN MORE

Toyota Developing Vehicles That Gauge a Driver's Mood

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Could your happiness be directly tied to how well you pilot your vehicle? Toyota thinks so, and they’re trying to help your driving habits remain steady.  Since 2006, the company has been working on a form of in-car technology that … LEARN MORE

FDA Warns About the Risks Fentanyl Poses to Children

Posted on

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents about the dangers that a certain pain reliever could pose to children should they come into contact with it. The item is question is called the fentanyl transdermal system, more commonly known … LEARN MORE

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