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Mouthful of Silver Surprises Mother Expecting Basic Dental Work

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A mother in Arizona was recently informed by her daughter’s dentist that the girl had accumulated four cavities which required treatment.  The mother consented to the procedure, and the dentist then carried out the operation.  The family went home, and … LEARN MORE

The Impact of Social Media Evidence In Court Cases

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Today’s teenagers, and let’s face it, even some adults, think nothing of posting the minutiae of their lives to social media outlets for the world to see.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and more have become a part of our daily … LEARN MORE

Child Sleep Safety Tips Offered by AAP

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With school set to go back into session, we’ve focused this week on bringing you safety tips geared largely toward those parents with school-age children.  However, to close out the week, we thought it would be a nice change of … LEARN MORE

Report Claims Drivers Increasingly Distracted by Beautiful People

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Skimpy clothes are causing a tremendous amount of automobile collisions, if a report from the Daily Mail is to be believed. The number of distracted driving incidents supposedly increases in the summer due to the revealing clothing worn at such … LEARN MORE

Indiana Governor Leads Ride Encouraging Motorcycle Safety

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In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of motorcycle safety, the Governor of Indiana plans to lead a motorcycle ride originating at the Statehouse.  A motorcycle safety group known as ABATE is sponsoring the free ride.  The governor … LEARN MORE

Electronic Cigarette Usage On The Rise Despite FDA's Concerns

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With awareness about the dangers of cigarettes more rampant than ever before, many people are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes as a way to wean themselves off of regular tobacco products.  But the Food and Drug Administration isn’t so sure … LEARN MORE

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