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Mouthful of Silver Surprises Mother Expecting Basic Dental Work

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on January 18, 2013

A mother in Arizona was recently informed by her daughter’s dentist that the girl had accumulated four cavities which required treatment.  The mother consented to the procedure, and the dentist then carried out the operation.  The family went home, and all seemed well.  That is, until the mom looked into her daughter’s mouth and discovered that the dentist covered every tooth with a silver crown.  The dental work has since been fixed by the free implantation of white veneers by another dentist.  So why did this happen?  The president of the Arizona Academy of Pediatric Dentistry thinks that the girl may be at risk of tooth decay.  If this were the case, the crowns could prevent further damage.

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The Impact of Social Media Evidence In Court Cases

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on January 10, 2013

Today’s teenagers, and let’s face it, even some adults, think nothing of posting the minutiae of their lives to social media outlets for the world to see.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and more have become a part of our daily routine and there’s no evidence to suggest that they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

But what happens when the narratives posted to social media suggest criminal acts?  When conversations between social groups indicate that a horrible crime has occurred, when text messages from one teen to another show a troubling lack of disinterest to do anything about that crime, and when videos purporting to show the incident pop up across the internet?  It paves the way for a method of prosecuting criminals that would have seemed alien even a decade ago.

One situation drawing much media attention took place in Steubenville, Ohio and concerns the alleged rape of a teenage girl by two members of the local football team.  What distinguishes this case from others is the way that the crime was treated on social media in the wake of the incident.

Photos uncovered by the investigators appear to have been taken prior to or around the time of the alleged crime, text messages seem to reference the crime, and a video posted by Anonymous, a group of hackers who set their sights on various causes,  appears to show a group of teenagers talking and even joking about the rape.

All of this not only suggests that a crime took place, but it also showcases a startling lack of concern among other persons for the girl’s wellbeing.  All told, investigators obtained about a dozen electronic devices and handed them over to the state’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation for further perusal.

The stage is now set for a court battle in which social media will play a crucial role in the eventual outcome.  A law teacher and attorney with the Brooklyn Law School wonders about the impact this will have on juries.  Whereas previous cases would have relied on potentially spotty eyewitness accounts and the testimony of expert witnesses, jurors and judges can now be shown firsthand accounts of an incident from the people who participated.  Such evidence may prove to be damning in many cases.

Many people might wonder why teenagers would be so keen to document the details of a crime on a social outlet.  But the phenomenon is not unique to teenagers.  Police in large cities like Philadelphia and Chicago have begun to investigate gangs through social media, as such groups may plan and talk up the results of their crimes on an online forum.

It’s clear the role of social media in criminal prosecutions will only grow in importance.

Child Sleep Safety Tips Offered by AAP

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on August 17, 2012

With school set to go back into session, we’ve focused this week on bringing you safety tips geared largely toward those parents with school-age children.  However, to close out the week, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to offer a series of tips to those parents with babies at home.  A new report offers guidance pertaining to infant sleep safety.  The tips come courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics and concern children up to one year of age.

The first suggestion is to keep any child younger than one on their back while they sleep.  The type and location of the crib is also important to consider.  Wherever your child sleeps, the surface should be firm enough to give the proper support.  The crib itself should adhere to modern safety requirements.  There are any number of websites that parents can go to to ensure the crib their baby is sleeping in conforms to the necessary standards.  The baby’s sleep space should also be kept in the same room as where the parents sleeps.  That way, if an emergency takes place or the child wakes up, you can respond immediately.  Don’t, however, let the baby sleep on the same bed as you.

A fitted sheet should be placed around the mattress, and there ought to be nothing between this sheet and the mattress itself.   This includes blankets, pillows, and more.  And until the child hits the age of one, things like stuffed animals and loose blankets should also be kept out of reach of the sleep space.  Doing so could compromise safety up until the aforementioned birthday.

As far as the environment itself goes, it’s imperative that the room be kept at a temperature that would be comfortable for a child.  Precautions must be taken to ensure that the child is not getting either too cold or too hot.  For the former, things like Sleep Sacks can be put on the child so they remain warm even when the environment around them has become slightly cold.

There are other tips offered that don’t necessarily have to do with sleep but are still just as important.  First, the AAP recommends that the mother breastfeed the child often. Studies have shown that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome can be reduced by breastfeeding.

Health can also be promoted by making regular visits to the doctor for the necessary check-ups and getting the child immunized as needed.  To further ensure health, keep your baby away from not only smokers, but areas that smokers tend to frequent.  Finally, be aware that although many children will gladly accept a pacifier, not all kids are into it.

Report Claims Drivers Increasingly Distracted by Beautiful People

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on August 16, 2012

Skimpy clothes are causing a tremendous amount of automobile collisions, if a report from the Daily Mail is to be believed. The number of distracted driving incidents supposedly increases in the summer due to the revealing clothing worn at such times. Almost 1 million British drivers between 2008 and 2009 have admitted to being involved in motor accidents caused by being distracted by a good-looking man or woman while driving, according to Direct Line Insurance.

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Indiana Governor Leads Ride Encouraging Motorcycle Safety

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on August 8, 2012

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of motorcycle safety, the Governor of Indiana plans to lead a motorcycle ride originating at the Statehouse.  A motorcycle safety group known as ABATE is sponsoring the free ride.  The governor has stated that this will be his last time at the head of the 500-person ride, at least as the governor of the state.  The effort is open to the public.

Follow this link to learn more about the event.

Electronic Cigarette Usage On The Rise Despite FDA’s Concerns

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on June 11, 2012

With awareness about the dangers of cigarettes more rampant than ever before, many people are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes as a way to wean themselves off of regular tobacco products.  But the Food and Drug Administration isn’t so sure that this is the most healthy way to go about quitting.

Electronic cigarettes work by way of a lithium battery that can be recharged.  This battery is used to power a cartridge that contains a variety of chemicals and nicotine, which are then mixed and vaporized so that they can be inhaled by the user.

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine discusses the increase in people who have started smoking electronic cigarettes in order to curb their smoking habit.  According to that article, more people have begun to search out electronic cigarettes for just this purpose than any other product.  The aforementioned study looked at 222 people, 31% of whom stopped smoking non-electronic cigarettes and 66.8% of whom reported an overall reduction in smoking.

The FDA, though, is not sold on the items’ use as a smoking cessation product.  They point to a lack of clinical studies and the presence of harmful chemicals.  The safety organization also worries that such products might be a gateway for children to begin smoking.  Due to these reasons, the FDA may soon exercise its option to further regulate electronic cigarette devices.

Tips on Staying Safe While Hiking or Camping on Memorial Day

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 23, 2012

A new article gives tips to those persons who plan to descend on campgrounds and other park areas over the Memorial Day weekend, and even though the report concerns people in the state of Utah, the lessons could be applied just about anywhere.

When taking your family camping or just heading out by yourself or with friends on a hike through nature, it’s important to be aware of potential dangers so that you can stay safe.  If you are out with your family, then it’s advisable to always carefully supervise your children, and even your pets.  A river or stream flowing rapidly or getting higher because of rainfall can be particularly hazardous and requires extra caution.

Those persons who plan to go off-roading are advised to always be responsible, as well as to stick to those areas where such a practice is permitted.  And anyone out hiking should always be prepared for the worst.  A coat, extra food, extra water, and tools to help stoke a fire are simple yet essential items that can help ensure safety should a person get trapped in an unknown area and have to survive for any amount of time.

Anyone planning on utilizing a fire should carefully review the area rules of such a practice before they head out.  All flammable debris such as vegetation should be cleared away, water and a shovel should be nearby in case the fire has to be put out quickly, and everyone should double check that their blaze is out before leaving an area.

55,260 Saw Blades Sold at Lowe’s Recalled Due to Package Defect

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 19, 2012

A product that could be considered dangerous even without a defect is being recalled.

The products in question are Classic Series Circular Saw Blades available in a 3-pack.  The items were made in China and manufactured by the Huntersville, North Carolina-based Irwin Industrial Tool Company.  The blades were each ten inches long, and two of the blades in the package had 40 teeth while one had 60.  ICSLD3PK can be seen on the top right corner of the package.

The problem has to do not with the item’s use but with the package itself.  The blades can fall right out of the plastic case that they come in, endangering people nearby.  There have thankfully been no injuries in the three reported instances of this happening.

An astounding 55,260 units are affected by this particular recall.  The items were only available for purchase at Lowe’s, where they were sold across the country this past October and November.  The 3-pack cost $40.  Consumers are being advised to carefully set aside those blades that remain in the package.  Upon contacting Irwin, the company will ship a free container to store the blades in.  At this point, users can discard the original packaging.

As a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I hate to see any defect, but I’m especially disappointed when a flaw affects something that could already be considered dangerous in the wrong hands.  Plus, a package defect means the person doesn’t even necessarily have to take the item home to get hurt by it.  I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that no one gets hurt by this product.

17,000 Scuba Hoses Recalled Due to Drowning Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 19, 2012

Santa Ana-based importer and distributor XS Scuba has announced a recall of 17,000 high pressure scuba diving hoses produced by an Italian company called Miflex 2.  The recall affects units that came in three different types of package:  as part of a rebreather kit, a two-gauge console, and with a deluxe cylinder equalizer.  All hoses will have MFX stamped on the metal at the end of the hose.

The item is used to keep tabs on cylinder pressure so as to maintain a steady air supply.  The defect involves a possible rupture that compromises the flow of air to the submerged diver.  This creates a drowning hazard.  There have already been a somewhat staggering 189 reports of this defect occurring, but luckily there have yet to be any injuries reported.

The hoses were available from May 2009 to just this month at a number of scuba retailers across the country.  They sold for between $44 and $60.  Consumers are being advised not to dive with the hoses, but to instead contact Scuba XS about getting the unit replaced.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I’m used to reading about recalls, but not many of them pose a drowning hazard.  I guess that’s what you get though when you’re dealing with a system used during scuba diving.  It’s my wish as a Fresno personal injury attorney that the thousands of persons who own this equipment are able to promptly return the item.

Elgin sausage maker recalls more than one ton of meat

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 23, 2012

Southside Market and Barbecue of Elgin, located in Central Texas approximately 20 miles east of Austin, has issued a voluntary recall of more than one ton of its ready-to-eat sausage items because of a potential listeria contamination originally found in the course of regular product testing, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Approximately 2,373 pounds of sausage, including the 16 ounce packages of Southside Market & Barbeque 1882 Hot Recipe Beef Sausage, lot number 065-D, Southside Market & Barbeque Original Beef Sausage, lot number 065-E, and 16 ounce and 48 ounce packages of Southside Market & Barbeque Original Beef Sausage, lot numbers 065-A, 065-B, 065-C, and 065-D, are affected by the recall. The meat products that are potentially contaminated were sold throughout the state of Texas and via the internet in the states of Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, and California. These products were fully cooked and smoked in March 5 at the company’s Elgin location. According to the Department of Agriculture, no incidences of illness have currently been reported. Consumers in possession of the affected products should contact the company immediately for further instructions.

As a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer, I hope this food recall is conducted in time to prevent any illness or other difficulties. If you or someone you love or care about has been harmed by a defective or contaminated product, please consider contacting a highly qualified San Francisco personal injury.

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