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Short-distance cars recalled due to brake failure risk

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 10, 2012

Club Car Limited Liability Company of Augusta, Georgia has issued a voluntary recall for approximately 100 of its transport and utility vehicles due to the possibility that the brake pedal mounting blocks can become fractured and separated, causing brake failure and increasing the likelihood of a collision.

This recall affects model year 2012 electric and gas powered vehicles sold for $6,000 to $11,000 at authorized Club Car dealers across the United States in April and May 2011 in assorted sizes, models and colors. These short-distance vehicles are used for transportation and utility purposes, and they can be identified by model names and the serial number located above and to the right of the vehicle’s accelerator pedal. Vehicles affected by the recall bear the model and serial numbers listed here: Carryall 2, Turf 2, and Turf 2 Plus (EG/QB/QT/RG 1222-286712 to 1225-288285); Villager 6 Plus (QS 1225-287558 to 1225-288079); Café Express (AF 1225-287118 to 1225-287529); Carryall 1 and Carryall Turf 1 (FD/FG/HD/HG 1225-287074 to 1225-288151); TransPorter 4 (JS/JT 1225-287102 to 1225-287869); Carryall 252 and Turf 252 (JK/JL/XG/ZG 1225-287215 to 1225-288287); Villager 8 MG/QE 1225-287531 to 1225-288088); and the Carryall 6 and Carryall Turf 6 (JR/JU/JV 1225-287116 to 1225-288112). The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is asking that any consumers injured by this product contact the agency to report their experiences. Car Club will replace the brake pedal mounting blocks free of charge.

As a Riverside car accident attorney, I hope this recall is carried out in time to prevent any injuries or accidents. If you or someone you care for has been hurt in an automotive collision, please consider hiring a Riverside personal injury lawyer.

Kawasaki recalls police motorcycles due to blown fuse risk

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 5, 2012

The Kawasaki Motors Corporation of the United States of America has announced a voluntary recall of specific models of its Concours 14 Police Motorcycles due to a risk of electrical system failure. The motorcycles affected by this recall were manufactured during model years 2009 to 2012.

Accessories used in the completion of routine police work, when attached to the Concours 14’s electrical system, may cause a blow out in the motorcycle’s 30-amp main fuse. Additionally, the installation of a secondary police department issued wiring harness may cause chafing, which may also lead to a blow out in the main fuse. Blowing the main fuse can lead to engine failure, increasing the likelihood of a motorcycle crash and its ensuing injury and property damage.

Kawasaki is planning on informing consumers affected by the recall in early April 2012. The motorcycle manufacturer will provide owners with instructions for repairing the electrical system and reducing its chance of failure. Consumers seeking more information on this recall can contact Kawasaki Motors or call the National Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle safety hot line.

As a highly experienced Riverside car accident attorney, I hope this recall is carried out quickly and thoroughly in order to reduce the danger of collision that this manufacturing defect puts police officers and motorists into. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a collision linked to a malfunctioning vehicle, please consider hiring a Riverside personal injury attorney.

Australian Study Shows 41% of Truckers Have Sleep Apnea

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 3, 2012

A new study conducted by Australian researchers focusing on the habits of truckers could have far reaching implications for the entire world.

The most startling statistics that researchers uncovered involve the prevalence of the condition known as sleep apnea in long-haul Australian truckers.  Published in the journal SLEEP, the results have shown that a whopping 41% of these truckers suffer from some kind of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes a person’s breathing to become obstructed throughout their resting time.  This can have a severe impact on a trucker’s ability to operate a vehicle properly during the day, as this interrupted sleep can manifest itself as general drowsiness while a trucker is on his or her shift.

While the numbers in America might be different, National Public Radio has suggested that as many as one third of U.S. drivers could suffer from the disorder.

Earlier this year, the National Sleep Foundation also conducted a poll which showed that fatigue isn’t limited to truck drivers.  A quarter of pilots and train conductors reported feeling fatigued at work once a week, with 14% of truck drivers stating that fatigue has contributed to them nearly causing an accident.

As a personal injury lawyer in Riverside, I find these numbers distressing.  The correlation between sleep apnea and fatigue at work is obvious, and this could definitely affect highway safety.  It’s my hope as a Riverside car accident attorney that answers to this problem are forthcoming from safety experts and medical professionals.

BMW recalls 1.3 million vehicles due to defective cable cover

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 26, 2012

A recently announced worldwide recall is a reminder that even minor-seeming product defects can cause serious risks when automobile safety is concerned.

BMW has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 1.3 million vehicles globally, because of a potential defect in the battery cable cover located in the car’s trunk. The recall involves BMW series 5 and 6, manufactured between the years of 2003 to 2010. According to the auto manufacturer, the battery cable cover located in the trunk may be imprecisely mounted in some cases, which can cause the vehicle’s electrical system to misfire. This can result in ignition failure, and the potential for a fire hazard. The company says it has received no reports of collisions or injury caused by the defective battery cable cover.

BMW has begun informing consumers of the issue. Owners of the vehicles affected by the recall can return vehicles to authorized mechanics for repair. The repair will take about 30 minutes and will be provided to consumers at no cost to the owner.

As a licensed and experienced Riverside car accident attorney, I hope this recall is conducted in an efficient and effective manner in order to repair this problem before anyone is injured, but I am all too aware that defective products often cause hurt and harm. If you have been injured by a malfunctioning auto part, please consider discussing your case with a highly qualified Riverside personal injury lawyer.

Truckers Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban Set To Start

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on December 30, 2011

According to news sources, a ban on truckers using hand-held cell phone devices while behind the wheel, initiated by The U.S. Department of Transportation, is about to begin next week and truckers can expect heavy fines if found in violation of the new ban.

Truckers can expect steep fines if they are found in violation of the new ban, with federal civil penalties expected to average about $2,750 for each offense. Although hand-free devices such as bluetooth enabled head sets will continue to be allowed, the ban covers everything from dialing, holding or even reaching out for cellphones.

Truckers may also risk losing their commercial license if they are found to have multiple offenses, while companies that allow their drivers to use hand-held devices while driving could potentially face an $11,000 fine.

As a personal injury lawyer Riverside, I have seen many instances of distracted driving cause severe devastation both to those who participate in activities such as texting while driving, as well as those who are victims of crashes caused by distracted drivers. As a Riverside car accident attorney, I encourage you to put away your phone when you drive, or invest in a hands-free device that will allow you to communicate legally.

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