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14,000 Glacier Bay Medicine Cabinets Recalled By Anaheim Company

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The Anaheim, California-based RSI Home Products has announced the recall of bathroom medicine cabinets under the Glacier Bay brand.  There are four different models of cabinet impacted by the recall, adding up to a total of 14,000 affected products.  The … LEARN MORE

Acetaminophen Warning Issued In Light Of Perceived Risk At High Levels

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Most people probably think nothing of popping a couple Tylenol when they’re suffering from a headache, and in small doses, there shouldn’t be a problem for most consumers.  However, the Food and Drug Administration has grown increasingly concerned about what … LEARN MORE

FDA Urges Caution When Removing Warts

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Have you had a pesky wart that you wanted to remove but didn’t want to have to go in to the doctor to do so?  If so, then you might set your sights on the kind of over the counter … LEARN MORE

Honda and Columbia Lawnmowers Recalled Over Safety Hazard

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Honda and Columbia Lawnmowers are being recalled by the Torrance, California-based American Honda Motor Company.  There are far more Honda lawnmowers (at 20,800) than Columbia lawnmowers (at 48) affected by the recall, and in addition to the United States, there … LEARN MORE

42,500 Kenmore Oscillating Fan Heaters Recalled For Overheating Risk

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A recall has been issued on oscillating fan heaters under the Kenmore brand due to concerns that they could trigger a fire in the nearby area.  42,500 heaters with a model number of 127.90914310 are affected by the recall, which … LEARN MORE

California Database Offers Information On Cosmetics Safety

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Are you concerned that a cosmetic product you’re using may actually be harmful to your health?  If so, then you have some recourse.  California officials have just launched a repository of information related to chemicals in cosmetics, and any persons who … LEARN MORE

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