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Senate Committee Looks Into Bay Bridge Safety

Posted on

The Bay Bridge continues to be in the spotlight on the heels of a report that called into question procedures enacted by Caltrans during construction of the bridge, with some worrying that the structure could suffer from safety deficiencies.  The … LEARN MORE

An Examination Of Hot Air Balloon Safety

Posted on

A new report from National Public Radio takes a look at the state of hot air balloon safety.  Between 2000 and 2011, there have been 169 incidents in which such a conveyance crashed to the ground, leading to various injuries … LEARN MORE

Make Parades As Safe As Possible

Posted on

The Rose Parade was held last week in Pasadena, and thousands of citizens from around California and the rest of the country descended on the area to take part in festivities and to take in a football game. There are … LEARN MORE

Don't Let Your Car Or Your Pipes Freeze

Posted on

If you’re in an excessively cold environment, or are even just passing through in an automobile, you have to know the steps to take to protect yourself from danger.  To that end, consider the safety tips available from a new … LEARN MORE

Minimize Slip And Fall Risks In Icy Environments

Posted on

We may not live in Minnesota, where the tips on hand from a new report hail from, but there may still be certain parts of California where the buildup of ice is a possibility.  Therefore, persons on foot always have … LEARN MORE

NTSB Recommendations Focus On Improving Rail Transit Safety

Posted on

This past October, the safety policies of Bay Area Rapid Transit came into question after two workers were struck by a train that was traveling down the tracks.  The scrutiny was applied to something called simple approval, a process that … LEARN MORE

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