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Over 100,000 Suzuki Swifts Recalled Due To Fuel Leak

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 8, 2012

Another staggering vehicle recall has been announced by an automaker.

In this case, the vehicle in question is the Swift, and the recall was announced by Japan-based Suzuki Motor.  Around 109,000 of the subcompact cars fall under the purview of the recall, which was initiated due to a fuel leakage issue.  Of the recalled vehicles, just over half reside in Japan, with the rest having been exported to Mexico, Australia, and various countries throughout Europe.

The problem has to do with the rubber fuel filler hose.  Due to a defect, this component can actually leak fuel, posing a hazard to consumers.  Four instances of this event have transpired in Japan, but none of those incidents reportedly caused an accident of any kind.  No other countries have reported the issue as having taken place at this time.

The vehicles being recalled were all manufactured between September 2010 and April 2012.  This recall follows a previous March recall wherein Suzuki announced that 93,000 Swift vehicles had the defect and would need to be brought in to receive repairs.

Even though this recall affects countries far removed from a Bakersfield car accident lawyer like me, I still find it important to keep up with the latest recall information from across the world.  In my years as a personal injury attorney in Bakersfield, I’ve quickly learned that regional recalls can be expanded to include vehicles available in other countries, which is why I make it my duty to be on the ball with the latest happenings from all over the globe.

127,350 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 Automobiles Recalled

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 7, 2012

Another massive automobile recall has just been issued.

This time, the recall affects some 127,350 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 automobiles.  The recall, which was announced by the Chrysler Group, concerns those vehicles of the model years 2011 and 2012 that were produced up to December 20 of last year.  The majority are in the United States, with 8,274 residing in Canada.

The defect has to do with the anti lock braking system and the electronic stability control.  The power distribution centers in the vehicles contain a fuse that is in danger of overheating.  If this happens, then the driver would be in danger of losing control of the vehicle, increasing the possibility of a crash.

The company discovered the defect while testing a Michigan police car.  Following that test, Chrysler confirmed their findings by testing various other consumer vehicles.

Consumers can expect to receive a recall notification at some point this month.  Affected persons should be able to bring their automobiles in to an authorized service dealer to receive a free repair.

I’m sorry as a personal injury attorney in San Jose to see yet another recall put lives in danger.  It’s my hope that this issue not imperil safety and that all vehicle owners can get the necessary repairs.  I urge everyone as a San Jose car accident lawyer to get their cars fixed should they have this vehicle in their possession.

Study Says Texting is Dangerous No Matter the Phone’s Position

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 30, 2012

For those still not sure that the act of texting while driving is dangerous, here’s one more study that seeks to convince you.

Under the banner of a project known as Generation tXt, students, under the guidance of University of Oklahoma School of Medicine faculty, looked at the driving habits of thirty students between the ages of 15 and 19.  These participants were then tasked with submitting to a driving simulator in three scenarios:  while not on a phone, while the phone was held down low as if to hide the device from police, and with the phone held in a position of their own choosing.

What researchers discovered was that neither position that the phone was held in would increase driving ability over the other position.  Both placements severely impeded the ability of the teenagers to drive the vehicle properly.

The study debuted its results at an annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies on Sunday.  The research was conducted in order to respond to those persons who say that anti-texting laws are forcing teenagers and other drivers to hide their phones in a way that makes it more difficult to drive.

I know how important studies like this are as a car accident lawyer in Ventura.  I’ve long suspected that it doesn’t matter where a phone is held; what matters is that, in texting, your mind isn’t on the road ahead.  I hope as a Ventura personal injury attorney that people can now begin to address the real problem.

Alabama Senate and House Seek Compromise on Texting Ban

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 25, 2012

Alabama is one step closer to disallowing the practice of texting while driving.

Yesterday, members of the Senate met to vote on House Bill 2, which would ban people from texting while behind the wheel of an automobile.  The measure was approved by a 24 to 7 vote.  This comes in addition to a similar bill passed two months ago by the Alabama House of Representatives, who voted 94-0 in support of their own ban.

The House has rejected the Senate version of the bill and instead requested that a conference committee encompassing members of the House and Senate meet to iron out the kinks and make a compromise.  Lawmakers are confident that a deal can be reached.

There are a few key differences in the two bills that have proven to be sticking points.  The Senate bill has a provision providing for exceptions to texting when a person has their vehicle stopped in the road, say by a traffic light, as well as for people checking the directions on a GPS.  Lawmakers believe that with those two exceptions gone, a reconciliation is possible.  The Senate bill also provides exemptions for emergency workers on the job and drivers in the process of seeking emergency services.

As a Riverside personal injury attorney, I’m glad that yet another state is attempting to curb this very dangerous practice.  I hope the two sides can work out a compromise.  I believe as a car accident lawyer in Riverside that doing so could save many lives.

Canada Outlaws US-Bought Car Seats Due to Low Standards

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 19, 2012

A number of car seat recalls have been issued throughout the United States because the items were not up to federal safety standards.  But a new report raises questions about how other countries perceive goods available in America.

In Canada, it’s illegal for consumers to purchase a car seat in the U.S. and then bring the item across country lines.  This is because our country has lower standards for such products than what is required in Canada.  In fact, Canadians caught using a car seat from America or some other country could face a $176 fine, a lawsuit, or possible criminal charges.

The stringent requirements in Canada are mandated by the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Cushions Safety Regulations and Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  All car seats are required to have a National Safety Mark label affixed to the item to certify that the seat is indeed safe for use.

For their part, the Canadian Border Service Agency has said that the threat of American car seat importation is not great enough so as to require added border controls to prevent the seats’ entry into Canada.

I find this story fascinating as a car accident lawyer in Bakersfield.  We often like to believe that the products we use on a daily basis are going to be safe for use because of the regulations in place, but this shows you that other countries’ regulations might be far more stringent than our own.  As a Bakersfield personal injury attorney, I don’t know if this means that our own regulators need to be more strict on what’s for sale on American shelves, but it’s certainly something to consider.

NHTSA Study Shows Many Fail to Stop Drivers from Texting

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 16, 2012

A new survey sheds some light on the disturbing practice of texting while behind the wheel of car.

Following a poll of over 6,000 persons by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was discovered that 90% of people believe that texting or emailing while driving is an unsafe practice.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these same people will voice their opinion when texting while driving happens in their presence.  In fact, only half of all drivers older than 65 would say something to such a distracted driver, and an even more underwhelming 33% of passengers between the ages of 18 and 24 would speak up.  These statistics come despite the fact that the poll also shows that these same young drivers were 300% more likely to report texting or emailing at the time of an accident.

To help combat this ever increasing problem, the Department of Transportation used the announcement of these findings as a way to also introduce a program known as the Distracted Driving Design Challenge.  The DOT is tasking teens with coming up with some kind of catchy icon that shows distracted driving dangers and can be used on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

I find it quite sad as a personal injury attorney in Riverside that the practice of texting while driving continues to be an issue.  Young drivers who have only recently gotten their license are in the biggest danger from such a practice, yet these statistics show that these are the very persons most often doing the texting.  I hope as a Riverside car accident lawyer that these awareness campaigns work.

Ohio Police Say They Can Arrest Texters Without Ban

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 11, 2012

The state of Ohio might not have in place a ban on texting while driving, but that’s not stopping police officials from citing drivers who engage in such a practice.

Confused?  A representative from the Strongsville Police Department claims that laws on the books already make such behavior illegal, and so it’s unnecessary to have a texting while driving ban.  The law being referred to, known as the “full time and attention” law, is intended to prevent people from engaging in any type of behavior that distracts them from the task at hand.  Eating, cell phone talking, and yes, texting, all fall under the purview of this law.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has recently estimated that sending a text, or even reading one, will distract a driver from the road for 4.6 seconds on average.  This would add up to an astounding 100 yards if the vehicles travels at 55 miles per hour, and the distance would increase from there.

This lengthy span of having eyes away from the road could be the reason that 74 people died in Ohio between the years 2009 and 2011.  This was amid a total of 31,231 crashes that were caused by a driver distraction.

It’s interesting to me as a car accident lawyer in Riverside to see cops using creative ways to cite drivers.  In California, we of course have a texting ban in place, but I still keep tabs on the kinds of things that other states are doing to prevent distractions.  I’ll be curious as a Riverside personal injury attorney to see if Ohio ever gets its texting ban, or if they even need to.

Compromised Vision Prompts Recall of 2012 Ford Focus

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 9, 2012

One of the best selling automobiles in the country has been recalled because of an issue that affects a driver’s vision.

The vehicle in question is the 2012 Ford Focus, one of the company’s biggest sellers.  It is also a vehicle that Consumer Reports had deemed one of the most fun small cars in the country to drive.  Over 140,000 vehicles are encompassed by this particular recall.  They were all manufactured between August 2010 and October of last year.

At issue is the fact that the cars were accidentally made without seals being installed on the passenger side windshield wiper blade motor wiring.  This can cause the wiper blade on the passenger’s side to cease functioning completely, and if a storm or some other obstacle presents itself on the road, then the risk of a crash becomes much greater due to a lack of proper sight.

Beginning in May, Ford will be contacting affected users with instructions on how to get the issue taken care of.  This will involve bringing the automobile to a licensed dealer, who can provide a mechanic to inspect, clean, and seal the damaged unit as necessary, or else replace a failed motor.  All of this will be done at no cost to the consumer.

As a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, I’m sorry to see a defect compromise the safety of a driver, passengers, and other commuters on the road.  Highways can be dangerous places, but they are made even more so when a vehicle has a design flaw.  It’s my hope as a Long Beach car accident lawyer that automobile owners across the country pay attention to recall information and promptly get the issue taken care of when their vehicle is the one in question.

Michigan Survey Shows Over Half Admit To Distracted Driving

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 2, 2012

A new survey conducted in the state of Michigan has some startling results that show just how prevalent distracted driving might be throughout the country as a whole.

In anticipation of this month’s Distracted Driving Awareness campaign, Michigan’s Office of Highway Safety Planning conducted a survey of 600 people, and their results might surprise you.  Although 80% of persons surveyed said that they consider cellphone drivers to be at a greater crash risk, 56% of people said they themselves talk on a phone while behind the wheel.

Results for texting are a little more reasonable, if still not comforting.  8% said that they are guilty of texting while driving, and 96% said that such an action could contribute to an increased risk of an accident.

A number of factors could contribute to the results.  Some people may simply think that the ability to stay online and stay connected to friends and family is more important than being safe and having attention focused fully on the road.  Plus, it could be a case where people think that they are the ones that have a handle on their driving, and that it’s all the other people who can’t drive properly.

As a San Francisco car accident lawyer, I worry that this type of thinking could lead to a number of accidents.  We’re likely all guilty of figuring that an accident could never happen to us, but believe me when I say that we’re all at risk.  As a San Francisco personal injury attorney, let me advise you to do everything you can to remain safe.

Sandoz recalls 57,000 vials of injectable morphine

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 23, 2012

Sandoz Canada Incorporated has issued a voluntary recall for approximately 57,000 vials of injectable morphine due to a possible health hazard created by improper packaging. The pharmaceutics manufacturer, headquartered in Quebec, became aware of a packaging error after a Toronto hospital found four vials of an adrenaline-type heart drug known as isoproterenol hydrochloride inside a package of the injectable morphine, the company’s second most popular version of the drug. A notice was immediately sent to hospitals warning them to quarantine any 2-mg/ml ampoules of the morphine sulphate injection from the recalled lot. In addition to recalling the 57,000 vials, Sandoz will perform a thorough inspection of the more than 100,000 vials that remain in its possession before releasing any of the vials to medical centers. The drug mistakenly put into at least one 10-count package of ingestible morphine, as isoproterenol hydrochloride acts in a way similar to adrenaline is employed after incidences of cardiac arrest before pacemaker treatments or defibrillator paddles are used. Sandoz has recently announced that it would cease the production of some of its drugs and decrease the production of others after the American Food and Drug Administration demanded the company improve its methods of quality control.

As a San Bernardino personal injury attorney, I hope this recall was announced in time to prevent anyone from being hurt. If you have been harmed by a recalled product, please consider hiring a Ventura personal injury lawyer.

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