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Fall Hazard Prompts Recall of 2,350 Sonoma Valley Bar Stools

Posted on

Defects can occur in just about any product, and as you’ll soon see, even the very chair you’re sitting on might be deemed unsafe. Salt Lake City-based Intercon has announced a recall of their Sonoma Valley Swivel Top Bar Stools … LEARN MORE

FDA Might Allow More Over the Counter Drugs

Posted on

In an effort to curb costs, officials with the Food and Drug Administration may soon allow patients to get certain types of medications without having to worry about obtaining a prescription. The new over the counter distribution method being considered … LEARN MORE

FDA Warns About the Risks Fentanyl Poses to Children

Posted on

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents about the dangers that a certain pain reliever could pose to children should they come into contact with it. The item is question is called the fentanyl transdermal system, more commonly known … LEARN MORE

Michigan Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Usage Brought to an End

Posted on

A long standing rule that forced motorcycle riders in the state of Michigan to always wear a helmet when on their bikes has been brought to an end. Today, the governor of that state signed Senate Bill 291, which gives … LEARN MORE

Compromised Vision Prompts Recall of 2012 Ford Focus

Posted on

One of the best selling automobiles in the country has been recalled because of an issue that affects a driver’s vision. The vehicle in question is the 2012 Ford Focus, one of the company’s biggest sellers.  It is also a … LEARN MORE

BCI Burke Swing Sets Recalled Following Breaks, Injuries

Posted on

BCI Burke, a Wisconsin-based company, has announced a recall of their 2 and 3/8 inch Arch Swing Sets.  This is in response to seven reports of the swing sets breaking, two of which contributed to minor injuries to those using … LEARN MORE

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