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Nursing home Denied Payment, Failure to Correct Deficiencies

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According to news sources, Medicare and Medicaid have denied to commit to payments to a Duluth nursing home because of alleged failure to rectify deficiencies apprehended in a recent survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health. Reports show that … LEARN MORE

Bills Hope to Lower the cases of Abuse of the Developmentally Disabled

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Unfortunately, the abuse of adults carrying developmental disabilities in nursing homes and other health facilities continues, according to many news sources. Following the reports from articles discussing the subject, the only way to change this picture is to have lawmakers … LEARN MORE

Hunting Knife Set Recalled after Defective Blade Mechanism

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There was a recall issued for Winchester Hunting Knife Sets in the United States that were sold between the months of July and September of 2011 according to a news source. The company had to recall the product due to … LEARN MORE

Patient Advocacy Groups Offers Advice For Staying Safe in Hospitals

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While most people associate hospitals with getting healthier, it is sometimes the case that patients who go to a hospital for treatment actually end up getting sicker there than they were to begin with. Consumer advocacy groups are continually trying … LEARN MORE

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Fail to Alert Consumer, Recalled

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About 20,000 Carbon Monoxide detectors have been recalled after it was discovered that they fail to alert owners when they need to be replaced, according to recent new sources. The recalled products, CO 1224T Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, were made … LEARN MORE

Drop Side Cribs Recalled Due to Strangulation Hazard

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About 8,000 cribs sold by J.C. Penney have been recalled due to a suffocation or strangulation hazard, according to recent news reports. The drop-side cribs subject to recall were made by Yu Wei Co. Ltd., of Taipei, Taiwan. They were … LEARN MORE

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