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28,000 Eight-Cup Coffee Presses Recalled By Bodum Over Dual Hazard

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Eight-cup coffee presses are being recalled by Bodum USA because of a possible burn and laceration threat posed.  The recall affects an estimated 28,000 rose gold Chambord presses under the Bodum brand that were available only from Starbucks.  The carafe … LEARN MORE

Laceration Threat Prompts Recall of 3,500 Kids' Beds From Ikea

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The Conshohocken, Pennsylvania-based IKEA North America Services has announced the recall of SNIGLAR and KRITTER junior beds because of a possible laceration threat posed.  22,000 such items were previously recalled last summer, but this latest announcement adds 3,500 additional beds … LEARN MORE

Honda and Columbia Lawnmowers Recalled Over Safety Hazard

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Honda and Columbia Lawnmowers are being recalled by the Torrance, California-based American Honda Motor Company.  There are far more Honda lawnmowers (at 20,800) than Columbia lawnmowers (at 48) affected by the recall, and in addition to the United States, there … LEARN MORE

Strive To Avoid Snowblower-Related Injuries

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If you live in an area where snow falls in abundance throughout the winter, then you basically have two options when it comes to clearing your driveway and the pathways around your home:  the more labor-intensive shovel, or the relative … LEARN MORE

Laceration Risk Prompts Recall of 218,000 Cocktail Glasses

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Cocktail glasses are being recalled by the Toledo, Ohio-based Libbey Glass because of a possible laceration hazard these items could create.  218,000 glasses under the Bristol Valley brand with a model number of 8555SR are impacted by the recall, which … LEARN MORE

Laceration Risk Prompts Recall of Slides Sold At Toys R Us

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A series of slides sold only at Toys R us have been recalled by the Hamburg, New York-based Solowave Design Corporation because of a possible laceration hazard posed.  The recall pertains to 10,800 tube slides under the Solowave Tornado brand … LEARN MORE

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