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Peterbilt and Kenworth Chassis Recalled Over Entrapment Issue

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Peterbilt 579, Peterbilt 567, and Kenworth T680 chassis of the 2013 and 2014 model years are being recalled by PACCAR because of a potential safety issue associated with the door latch assemblies from Inteva.  There are two issues that could … LEARN MORE

GPS Devices Require The Proper Safety Measures While Driving

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Yesterday, there was a Distracted Driving Summit held in order to address some of the ways in which the rather dangerous driving act could be curbed.  But summit or not, we still have quite a long way to go before … LEARN MORE

A Call For Solutions To Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving has proven to be a truly daunting obstacle for road safety, and the problem has brooked no simple solutions.  Still, there are promising avenues worth pursuing, and a new piece in the British Medical Journal relates some of … LEARN MORE

Carfax Highlights Alarming Number Of Recalled Vehicles For Sale

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If you are the first person to drive a given vehicle off the lot, you should be able to feel relatively confident that you would know about any recall alerts that get issued on that automobile.  The dealer and the … LEARN MORE

Motorcycle Crackdown Coming To Santa Monica

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If you live in Santa Monica, California or expect to be passing through, then you should know about an upcoming law enforcement crackdown in the area.  The effort, which will be carried out by the police department of the city, … LEARN MORE

Officials Look To The Future Of Vehicle Communications Technology

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Many of the crashes that occur throughout the country happen at intersections.  Cars are either unable to stop in time at a red light or they willfully drive through.  Drivers trying to turn left may underestimate how fast an incoming … LEARN MORE

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