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New Rules From FDA Seek To Improve Infant Formula Safety

Posted on

The Food and Drug Administration wants to ensure that infant formulas are as safe as they could possibly be, and to that end, they have come out with a regulation that enacts rigorous standards related to such products.  There are … LEARN MORE

FDA Explains Why The Time Is Still Ripe For A Flu Shot

Posted on

We always hope that citizens do whatever they can to protect themselves from the various dangers that are out there in the world.  One of the ways that people can take an interest in their own safety is by getting … LEARN MORE

FDA Campaign Takes Aim At Youth Smoking

Posted on

For most people that find themselves with a smoking habit that’s hard to kick, their exposure to the addictive substance began when they were young, likely due to peer pressure and a desire to fit in.  Because of this, it’s … LEARN MORE

FDA's Approach To Livestock Antibiotics Questioned

Posted on

The debate continues to rage over whether or not the Food and Drug Administration is doing enough to curtail the usage of antibiotics in feed for livestock intended for the food supply.  The concern is that providing these antibiotics to … LEARN MORE

FDA Relates How To Protect Your Kids From Head Lice

Posted on

The Food and Drug Administration is attempting to help parents protect their children from head lice.  In a new consumer health update, the agency has outlined some of the myths surrounding head lice as well as those ways parents can … LEARN MORE

Safety Of Soda's Caramel Coloring Called Into Question

Posted on

Are you drinking a Coke, a Pepsi, or any other type of dark soft drink while you’re reading this story?  Then you may want to put that soda down for the moment as we explore the revelations of a new … LEARN MORE

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