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Lawmakers Mull Ban On Cellphone Conversations Aboard Planes

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Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration made the monumental decision to allow the usage of electronics devices for communications and downloads when a plane is in the air, reversing course from years in which flyers were asked to switch things over … LEARN MORE

Investigation Shows Errant Plane Landings Are Surprisingly Frequent

Posted on

When you purchase a plane ticket and then later board the plane, you go in with the assumption that you’re going to be taken to the destination printed on said ticket.  But as a new investigation shows, the number of … LEARN MORE

Boeing 767 Elevators To Be Inspected

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Boeing 767s are in the spotlight after the Federal Aviation Administration issued a ruling that calls into question the safety of a component that is vital to flying.  The worry is that the elevators on these planes could contain faulty … LEARN MORE

Government Closure Hits Southern California FAA Inspectors

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The government shutdown continues to have an impact on matters of safety across the country, and California is also feeling the sting.  A report from the Los Angeles Times outlines how Southern California safety inspectors working for the Federal Aviation … LEARN MORE

FAA Likely To Ease Limits On Mobile Device Usage On Planes

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It’s a rule that has led to endless griping from commuters:  when you board an airplane, you must turn off your electronic devices during takeoff and landing.  Now, with complaints reaching a fever pitch and mobile devices more prevalent than … LEARN MORE

In Wake of San Francisco Crash, FAA Issues New Pilot Training Rules

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In the wake of this weekend’s plane crash in San Francisco, safety advocates and lawmakers started leaning on the Federal Aviation Administration to enact rules related to pilot training as quickly as possible.  Now, that pressure has apparently borne fruit, … LEARN MORE

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