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Tag Archives: drinking and driving

Alcohol Still Trumps Distracted Driving In Fatalities

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According to news sources, although distracted driving stemming from texting or using hand held cell phone devices while behind the wheel seem to be the dominant issue of the day, a new study released by the U.S Department of Transportation … LEARN MORE

Survey Shows Adults Admit To Engaging in Distracted Driving

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There are many behaviors that can be classified as distracted demeanors. Handling a cell phone device while driving is one of them but according to various news sources, manipulating foods and drinks can also be perceived as severe distractions. The … LEARN MORE

Holiday parties, a Liability To Party Hosts

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The holiday season is always filled with parties and festivities of all sorts. Hosts should be alert when it comes to offering alcohol to their guests; precautionary steps should make it easy for hosts and guests alike to stay away … LEARN MORE

Distracted Drivers Will Be Targeted By The Law Enforcement During The Holiday

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Expect busy roads during the holidays and remember that troopers all over the Country are watching the traffic for accident hazards and drunken drivers. According to different news sources, holiday travel has increased at least 4% since last year. Interstates … LEARN MORE

Holiday Safe Driving Reminder Is Issued By The Authorities

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According to different news sources, the authorities from all around the country are dedicating all of their local and transportation forces toward law enforcement. This particular effort is part of the Click It or Ticket and Drive Sober or Get … LEARN MORE


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