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CPSC Seeks Reduction In Decoration-Related Injuries During Holidays

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Citizens absolutely cannot underestimate the potential dangers created by the holidays.  As you rush around trying to decorate your home in the most festive way possible, it’s easy to miss those things that could pose a hazard to your family … LEARN MORE

Shutdown Leaves Safety Agencies Unable To Conduct Duties

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The government shutdown is already having an impact on the safety of the American public.  Among those agencies that are being partially shuttered as a result of the stalemate in Washington are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Consumer … LEARN MORE

Recalled Winter Weather Items Compiled in List Form By CPSC

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Cold weather has descended upon the country, and by this point, just about everyone has hauled their winter seasonal items out and placed their summer ware back into storage until the spring. The Consumer Product Safety Commission understands this, and … LEARN MORE

Baby Matters Disputes CPSC's Nap Nanny Hazard Assertions

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Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission sought to halt the sale of Nap Nanny infant recliners by filing an administrative complaint that would make a recall of such items mandatory.  Baby Matters, the company behind the product, is going head … LEARN MORE

Bed Rails Might Pose a Safety Hazard to Elderly Patients

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Bed rails in nursing homes have reportedly led to 150 fatalities between 2003 and May of this year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Most of these result from older patients, many of whom might suffer from dementia or … LEARN MORE

Change CO and Fire Alarm Batteries When Rolling Back Clocks

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Many people across the country are excited about the prospect of getting an extra hour of sleep this weekend when Daylight Saving Time comes to a close early on Sunday.  But perhaps you could be using that extra hour to … LEARN MORE

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