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Consumer Reports Closes Out Child Passenger Safety Week

Posted on

Tomorrow is the final day of National Child Passenger Safety Week, and we’ve been bringing you tips and information related to safety events throughout California over the course of the past few days.  We thought we’d use this last day … LEARN MORE

Blind Spot Detection System Gets The OK From Consumer Reports

Posted on

Blind spot warning technology is far from widespread.  Although many new automobiles carry such a system, older vehicles lack this potentially life-saving safety feature.  Consumer Reports, having noticed an increase in third party devices designed to monitor blind spots and … LEARN MORE

Consumer Reports Analyzes Impact of Landmark Safety Measure

Posted on

Consumer Reports has released a new article that analyzes the importance of a landmark initiative that sought to improve the safety of numerous types of products, especially those used by children.  The effects of that now five-year old law are … LEARN MORE

Overheated Cellphone Batteries Deemed A Threat By Consumer Reports

Posted on

Consumer Reports and a New York Senator are asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission to more closely investigate reports of exploding cellphones typically associated with off-brand batteries. The issue has become more prominent over the past few years as 61 … LEARN MORE

Consumer Reports Warns About Fire Hazard Posed By Dishwashers

Posted on

In a recent report, Consumer Reports takes a look at the threat posed by dishwashers that turn out to be defective or otherwise lead a fire to break out.  The article was prompted by a recent incident that claimed the … LEARN MORE

Protect Yourself When In The Path Of a Storm

Posted on

Consumer Reports has come out with a piece that runs down the myriad steps one can take to ensure they’re going to be prepared for an imminent hurricane.  And although such a disaster isn’t likely to befall Los Angeles and … LEARN MORE

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