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British Columbia Fares Poorly in Canadian Driving Habit Poll

Posted on

A poll shows that while 90% of Canadian adults have seen a driver breaking distracted driving laws by using a handheld cellphone while behind the wheel, drivers from British Columbia have it the worst. 95% of respondents stated they’ve seen … LEARN MORE

Texting ban passes in Alabama, remains controversial in Mississippi

Posted on

Alabama recently became the latest state to enact legislation prohibiting drivers from engaging in text based messaging while behind the wheel. In the neighboring state of Mississippi, however, texting while driving is still legal in most cases, and, though the … LEARN MORE

Survey says 20 percent of companies ban distracted driving

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One in five of Fortune 500 companies surveyed by the National Safety Council have adopted policies prohibiting their employees from using a cell phone while driving a company owned vehicle. An estimated 20 percent of the 150 companies that replied … LEARN MORE

California Senates Wants Tougher Cell Laws, But Some Are Opposed

Posted on

Let this be a warning to all those people who continue to drive while texting or talking on a handheld cellphone:  you might soon be facing even steeper penalties. That’s because the State Senate yesterday voted 24-9 to adopt a … LEARN MORE

Ohio Legislature Bans Texting While Driving Throughout State

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An Ohio bill designed to curb the practice of texting while driving has just cleared one more hurdle. The State Legislature voted today by a 82-12 margin to approve a ban of texting while driving throughout the entire state of … LEARN MORE

Survey says most UCSD student drivers admit cell phone use

Posted on

A recent survey of Californian college students reveals that the majority of the sampled population engages in illegal distracting behavior while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle by using a mobile phone for text or voice communication without the … LEARN MORE

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