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Auto Accident Trial Puts Spotlight on Seizures While Driving

Posted on

A trial involving a woman who is being charged with five counts of negligent homicide is getting national media attention because of the similarities the case shares with the recent incident where the United States Commerce Secretary was charged with … LEARN MORE

Senator Reiterates Efforts to Ban Recalled Vehicles From Being Rented

Posted on

The mother of the victims of an automobile accident joined a California senator on Tuesday as that lawmaker lambasted rental car companies for not doing their part to keep consumers safe from recalled vehicles. It all stems from an incident … LEARN MORE

Man Pulled Over For Allegedly Going 134 MPH in Billings, Montana

Posted on

Police have arrested an individual because of an allegedly dangerous excursion that goes above and beyond the typical recklessness often seen along the roads. The incident in question took place in Billings, Montana at around 10:30 at night on Sunday.  … LEARN MORE

Report Says Self Driving Cars Could Slash Insurance Premiums

Posted on

A new report concerning autonomous cars paints a pretty picture for those hoping that such technology could have an impact on their wallet. The report, which was released by the Celent consulting firm, is called “A Scenario:  The End of … LEARN MORE

Senate Votes to Make Black Boxes Mandatory in 2015 Autos

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They’re mandatory in airplanes, but very soon, the device known as a black box might soon be required to be installed in motor vehicles as well. The new transportation bill that was just approved by the United States Senate has … LEARN MORE

New Study Shows Obese Drivers More Likely to Die in Auto Accidents

Posted on

A new study suggests that a person’s weight might have an influence on the likelihood of that person surviving a vehicular accident. The study, which will be presented by the University of Buffalo in New York at Chicago’s Society for … LEARN MORE

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