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Brake Loss Threat Leads to Recall of 6,800 Trek Madone Bikes

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on December 13, 2013

Various models of Trek Madone bicycles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by the Waterloo, Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycles Corporation because of the risk of a crash.  6,800 bikes could be affected by an issue that would see a failure of the front brakes taking place, a situation that could obviously cause the person onboard to be unable to stop.  Although five reports of the bolts becoming loose have been reported, those thankfully did not lead to any injuries.  Owners are being asked not to use these bicycles until they can get new front brakes from an authorized dealer.  These items were sold across the country between July of last year and this month.

For more about the recall, follow this link.

Slice RS and Cannondale Bicycles Recalled Due to Possible Fall Threat

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on August 5, 2013

A series of bicycles imported by the Bethel, Connecticut-based Cycling Sports Group are being recalled due to a potential fall threat posed.  Cannondale announced the recall, which affects 500 Slice RS and Cannondale Triathlon bicycles of the 2013 model year.  The brake plates on these bikes are reportedly in danger of becoming loose.  They could then break and cause the person onboard to fall off.  One incident without injury has been reported.  Available across the country between last October and this past June, the bikes should not be used.  Instead, they should be brought to a Cannondale retailer.  The firm has pledged to provide affected owners with jerseys and helmets in addition to free repairs.

Click here for more about the recall.

1,700 Salsa Vaya and La Cruz Bike Forks Recalled Over Fall Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on June 12, 2013

The Bloomington, Minnesota-based Salsa Cycles has announced the recall of 1,700 Salsa Vaya and La Cruz bike forks made of chromoly steel that were sold either by themselves or as a component of Salsa Vaya frames and bikes.  Available across the country between February 2011 and June of last year, the forks are in danger of bending, potentially causing the person riding the bike to sustain a fall.  Eight bending incidents have been reported at this time, but thankfully, none of those led to an injury.  Owners should refrain from riding bikes containing the forks; instead, they can get in touch with a dealer to obtain a free inspection and repairs.

For more about the recall, click here.

676 P-Series Bicycles Recalled By 3T Design Over Control Loss Issue

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 25, 2013

Cyclists have a lot to worry about on the road.  Inattentive drivers are commonplace, individuals might fling their doors open right as you’re coasting past a vehicle, and other reckless automobile operators might simply ignore your right of way in certain circumstances.  Although you can take steps to limit your danger (wearing a helmet, increasing visibility), your efforts are undermined when a defect of your bicycle compromises your safety.

That’s why it’s important to take note of this next recall, which was announced by the Hong Kong-based 3T Design.  The recall concerns Cervelo P-Series Bicycles of the 2013 model year that came with Aura Pro model custom bike handlebars.  Said handlebars will contain the words Aura Pro, Ultimate Performance, and 3T.  676 bikes are impacted by the recall, with all but 53 sold in the United States (the remainder were available in Canada).

The clamps on the handlebars are in danger of falling off while the cycle is being ridden.  The person onboard at the time could thus lose their ability to properly navigate, an issue that could cause them to crash and sustain various injuries.  One injurious situation has already been reported.

The bikes in questions cost around either $3,600 or $6,000 (depending on the model type) when they were on sale between September and January.  Consumers should not ride the bikes until they can fix the problem with a free repair kit.  Barring that, the bikes can be brought to a dealer for no-cost repairs.

1,000 Mundo V4 Cargo Bicycles Recalled By Yuba Over Injury Risk

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on March 21, 2013

A series of bikes designed to transport either additional cargo or another passenger are being recalled because of an apparent issue that could rear its head when said second passenger is onboard.  Purchasers of these specialty bikes should continue on to find out more about this important safety announcement.

The recall was issued by Yuba Bicycles, a company based in the California city of Sausalito.  The announcement impacts blue, orange, or black 26 inch Mundo V4 cargo bicycles that contain a rack for said cargo and a wooden deck mounted on that rack.  A total of 1,000 or so bikes is affected by the recall, and each was available from Yuba online and across the country between May 2011 and December of last year.  They cost $1,099.

When a passenger is riding on the rear part of the bike, his or her feet are in danger of getting lodged in the back wheel, an issue which could cause an injury.  No such injuries have come to the company’s attention at this time, although there have been two instances reported where the person’s feet did get tangled up.

Bike owners are being asked to stop riding the bikes at once.  If they get in touch with Yuba, they can get a wheel cover that aims to keep a passenger’s feet away from the wheel.  This will be installed for free.

4ZA Bike Handlebar Stems Recalled Due to Potential Fall Hazard

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 22, 2012

An item is being recalled because of the threat it could pose to bikers.

The Reno, Nevada-based Sinclair Imports and the Bloomington, Minnesota-based Quality Bicycle Products have partnered to announce the recall of the 4ZA Threadless Carbon Bicycle Handlebar Stem manufactured by Belgium-based Race Productions NV and imported from Taiwan.  Around 105 of these stems in total fall within the purview of the recall announcement.

At issue is the fact that the items in question are in danger of cracking or completely breaking without notice.  This would create an attendant fall hazard that could endanger the bike’s rider.  One instance of this occurrence has already come to the attention of the company, and the user sustained minor injuries in that case.

The defective stems are black and say “4ZA Cycling Performance” on them.  They measure between three and a half and five inches.  They were available as aftermarket components from various web outlets and bike retailers across the country.  They cost around $59 when they were on sale between January 2005 and April 2010.

Consumers are being advised not to ride their bikes until they’ve gotten a replacement from the place of purchase.  Bicycle shops have been instructed to get in touch with Quality Bicycle Products to get instructions about the replacement process.

Salsa Minimalist Bike Racks Recalled Over Fall Risk

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on May 11, 2012

The danger of a fall hazard has once again reared its head.

Salsa Cycles has announced a recall of their Salsa Minimalist bicycle racks.  Salsa, which is one of the brand names owned by the Bloomington, Minnesota-based Quality Bicycle Products, announced the recall when it was discovered that the product has defective L-shaped mounting straps.  These straps, which secure the rack to the front of the bike when a rider has the bike in use, pose a danger of breaking.  This would cause the rack to fall off of the bicycle, potentially getting entangled beneath the moving bicycle and creating a fall hazard in the process.

Two people have sustained minor injuries as a result of this incident taking place.  Around 1,100 bike racks are affected by the recall.  Defective items are all those Salsa Minimalist racks bought after January of last year.  These items were available on the internet and at numerous bicycle shops across the country until just this past March.  They cost around $80 to purchase.

Consumers should cease riding their bicycle until the rack can be removed from the front of it.  Riders are being advised to get in touch with Salsa in order to get an inspection and a remounting.  If customers prefer, they can instead get a refund on the product.

Defect Causes Recall of 600 Tektro TL-83 Bike Brake Levers

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 18, 2012

A problem that could cause a bicycle to be unable to stop has prompted the recall of hundreds of units.

This recall affects those bicycles equipped with Tektro TL-83 bicycle brake levers produced in China and imported by the Morgan Hill, California-based Specialized Bicycle Components.  Around 600 units are affected by the defect, which concerns the brake cable and adjuster cap.  These two components can fall out of their proper place, causing the brakes to cease functioning.  This lack of braking ability would pose an obvious crash hazard to the rider.

Only one report of a rider losing the ability to brake has come to the firm’s attention thus far, and there have yet to be reported injuries.

2010 and 2011 S-Works Shiv bicycle frames came equipped with the TL-83s, as did S-Works Shiv TT frames of the 2012 model year.  The levers were also sold independently as a service part.  The lever arm reads TL-720.

The components were available from April 2010 to this past February at Specialized Bicycle Components retailers.  The individual brake levers only cost about $80, but the frames that were equipped with them cost from $5,500 to $6,100.  Riders are being advised to cease usage and to obtain a replacement from a retailer.

I’m a big proponent of bicycle safety as a personal injury lawyer in Fresno.  A rider is put in mortal danger if a defect occurs, especially along a roadway.  That’s why it’s my wish as a Fresno car accident attorney that all motorists give bicyclists proper leeway.

SR Suntour recalls bicycles due to accident risks

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 12, 2012

SR Suntour, with headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, and Taiwan, has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 17,000 of its GT, Giant, and Trek Bicycles equipped with SR Suntour Suspension Forks due to a potential defect in the internal tubes supporting the suspension fork. This defective construction can cause the tubes to fracture, possibly compromising the rider’s ability to control the bicycle, increasing the odds of an accident that could cause injury or death. The manufacturer has received twelve consumer complaints regarding the suspension fork breaking during operation. Two injuries have been reported.

The bicycles affected by this recall were manufactured in China and sold for between $400 and $600 at specialty bicycle retail outlets nationwide from April 2011 through March 2012. They are labeled SR Suntour and the date code is imprinted on the back of the fork crown. The date codes of the affected products are: Giant 2011-2012 Revel 1 and Revel 1W CK110301 through CK110731; and GT 2012 Avalanche 4.0 and Avalanche 4.0 GTW and Trek 2012 3700D, and 3900D.

Owners of affected bicycles should discontinue their use and return them to authorized dealers for repair at no cost to the consumer.

As a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer, I hope this product is successfully recalled before anyone else is injured by this potential defect. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a malfunctioning product, please consider discussing your legal options with a Ventura personal injury lawyer.

Faulty Pedals Prompt Recall of 4,100 Public Bikes Bicycles

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer on April 5, 2012

I have another recall announcement to share with you this afternoon.

Public Bikes Inc., based right out of our city of San Francisco, has announced a recall of 4,100 2010, 2011, and 2012 bicycles.  The bikes were available at a number of Public Bikes dealers across the country, including the company’s home city and 16 other states.  They were also sold online.  The bicycles in question were sold between April 2010 and January of this year, and they retailed anywhere from $500 to $1,250.

The problem has to do with the bikes’ pedals, which were imported from Taiwan-based Wellgo Pedals Corporation.  Cracks can form in the pedals, and if they break, the rider is in danger of falling from the bike.  Already, 24 cracking incidents have been reported to the company, although thankfully, there have been no injuries as of yet.

18 models of bike are affected by the recall, encompassing both men’s and women’s units.  The chain guard or rear fender should say “Public” or “publicbikes.com,” and the pedals should say “Wellgo” on the top and bottom.  If you own the bike, it is advisable to stop usage at once and contact a dealer to receive a free pedal replacement.

I’m sorry to see yet another recall as San Francisco personal injury lawyer, especially from a company that’s based this close to home.  People rely on these items to convey them safely to and fro, and as a San Francisco car accident attorney, I know how dangerous a defect can be if it occurs while the biker is positioned along a busy roadway.  Stay safe out there, people.

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