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Canada Outlaws US-Bought Car Seats Due to Low Standards

Posted on

A number of car seat recalls have been issued throughout the United States because the items were not up to federal safety standards.  But a new report raises questions about how other countries perceive goods available in America. In Canada, … LEARN MORE

Shock Hazard Causes Recall of 48,000 Battery Travel Chargers

Posted on

An item that is supposed to keep batteries charged is being recalled due to a safety hazard. The Edison, New Jersey-based Sakar International announced the recall of the Digital Concepts Compact Travel Charger today after it was discovered that the … LEARN MORE

Skin care products may contain mercury, FDA warns

Posted on

Several varieties of antiseptic soaps and skin lotions making claims to not only clean the skin, but remove wrinkles and freckles and lighten the skin’s complexion, as well, may be cosmetic products illegally imported into the United States, according to … LEARN MORE

Cancer Drugs Seized After Circumventing FDA Approval Process

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United States Marshals seized a number of supposed cancer curing drugs from a plant in Bogard, Missouri. The seizure was initiated following a request by the Food and Drug Administration, who investigated the plant in January following a complaint from … LEARN MORE

Some Citizens Demand New Warning Labels on Non-Intact Meat

Posted on

Some government officials would like to see new warning labels on certain cuts of meat. At issue is the process known as mechanical tenderization.  The process involves using either needles or blades to help tenderize tough cuts of certain types … LEARN MORE

FDA Commissioner Wants to Double Inspectors at Savannah Port

Posted on

Millions upon millions of shipments of foreign goods arrive in the United States through busy ports every year.  But do we have enough personnel available to make sure that what’s being imported into our country is actually safe for our … LEARN MORE

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