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Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer

Accidents which claim the life of a loved one are traumatic events which stay with you throughout your life and which are seemingly impossible to fully recover from.  You should not be forced to cover the financial and emotional aspects of the loss of a loved on.  The responsible party for the accident should be held liable for the suffering caused by their actions, both financial and emotional.  If you have lost a loved one in a terrible accident, do not hesitate to contact a Riverside wrongful death attorney who can help guide you through the claims process.

Riverside Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful death accidents are often the result of the negligence of a person involved in the accident.  These accidents can take the following forms:

  •  Car accidents
  •  Workplace accidents
  •  Construction site accidents
  •  Heavy truck accidents
  •  Slip and fall accidents

Car accidents are the most common form of wrongful death actions and are often the simplest actions to bring due to the possibility of many witnesses around the accident site.  While these accidents all involve different fact patterns, a wrongful death claim will involve the same steps by an attorney to recover the amount owed to the surviving family member.  A wrongful death action often stems from the negligence of an individual involved in the accident.  But for the actions of a person or company, your loved one would not have sustained the serious injuries.

Wrongful Death Recovery

Wrongful death actions should be brought shortly after an accident occurs in order to ensure that you meet the limitations period.  Wrongful death actions not only cover the financial repercussions caused by the loss of a loved one, but also cover the emotional and longlasting impact the loss of a loved one has on a person.  A loved one can recover the following economic and noneconomic damages in a wrongful death action:

  • • Medical bills
  • • Future earnings
  • • Lost wages
  • • Loss of consortium (companionship)
  • • Mental anguish
  • • Pain and suffering

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to best guide you through the recovery process and help ensure that you will receive the compensation amount you are entitled to for your loss.  Nothing will bring back your loved one, but a wrongful death action can help begin the healing process.

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP | Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful death actions are often difficult actions to bring, due to the devastating effect of the loss of the loved one.  However, it is important to bring a claim as soon as you can to preserve your ability to bring a claim and to preserve the memories of any witnesses to the accident. Bringing a wrongful death action may additionally ease the long process of slowly moving forward.  The attorneys of Panish, Shea & Boyle are well experienced in handling Riverside wrongful death actions and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve from the actions of the person who caused the accident.  Contact our Riverside office today for your initial free consultation with a Riverside wrongful death.


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